Kayla Wholey helps readers re-create their lives with her fascinating book

Edgewater, New Jersey, USA – 23 October, 2017 – A lot of people find themselves going through a constant series of problems repeating itself every time. This causes a lot of emotional, spiritual, physical and social distress to the individual. What the individual needs is to re-create his/her life totally with Kayla Wholey’s incredible book, titled ‘Awareness: Your First Step to Re-create your Life in Oneness’

This captivating book by Kayla Wholey aims to help readers to finally solve an ongoing problem in one or more areas of their lives and eventually help them to take a further step towards realizing their dreams.

With this book, readers will:  Finally realize why they are experiencing a problem that repeats itself albeit in different forms, be able to understand the awareness related reasons underlying every physical symptom, gain the ability to reflect on their problematic thinking patterns, comprehend why some relationships won’t work and be able to use certain awareness tools to attract that loving relationship to their lives, find out about blocks which stops people from finding the right career path, observe how soul-mind and body need to align to make things happen and finally start seeing the road towards creating what they really desire in life.

A verified Amazon customer says “A truly self-help book that has it all. All I needed to apply as awareness was there. The book offers related awareness blocks and tips which I found very useful. A wonderful first step for those of you feeling stuck in your current life experience. I definitely recommend to all, including those who are already higher up on the ladder of awareness”

This amazing book is available for purchase through this link https://www.amazon.com/Your-First-Step-Re-Create-Oneness/dp/1947938215/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1506702923&sr=1-1&keywords=Your+First+Step+to+Re-Create+Your+Life+in+Oneness+toplink


About the author

Dr. Kayla Wholey is a clinical and industrial/organizational psychologist who has worked with different kinds of individuals, groups, and organizations for nearly twenty years. Between the years of 2004 and 2012, Kayla served as a leader in Humanity’s Team, an organization dedicated to declare and re-create oneness on earth.

Apart from her professional practice as a therapist, trainer, recruiter, and a coach, Kayla has been working on her own self and came up with very critical realizations. Along the way she found out how certain blocks in awareness can hinder finding solutions to problems while disabling a person’s ability to realize his or her dreams in life.

To learn more about her please visit http://yourlifeinoneness.com/

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