Top Five Ways to Avoid Winter Plumbing Casualties

Jason R. Kerr, President at Intelligent Service
Respected Illinois-based Intelligent Service talks tips for winterizing plumbing before the cold sets in.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

(Mount Prospect, IL) Midwestern winters can really take a toll on home systems, especially those that use liquids. Plumbing systems are probably those that are the most adversely affected by the precipitation and fluctuating cold. Home systems expert Jason Kerr of Intelligent Service offers tips avoiding winter plumbing casualties.

“Plumbing is a huge system for the home,” says Kerr, “so we like to make sure that our customers and neighbors understand how to protect it during the winter months. I recommend that people start with inspecting the home’s plumbing system to identify those pieces of it that are located on an exterior wall or above an unheated space like a garage or vestibule. Those are your vulnerable points and it may be that you want to insulate them prior to the cold setting in.”

He suggests disconnecting all hoses from exterior wall outlets and leaving cabinet doors open on cabinets that house plumbing on exterior walls. The homeowner’s best protection against freezing pipes, according to Kerr, is for homeowners to have their furnace or boiler tuned up prior to winter in order to avoid breakdowns that might cause the home to experience freezing temperatures.

“Busted pipes cause thousands of dollars in damages to homes,” explains Kerr. “Each year we end up servicing homes that have water damage due to pipes bursting or breaking with fluctuating temperatures here in Illinois. We’d much prefer to do preventative maintenance than fix pipes in the middle of winter, so we tell everyone to check the furnace, insulate what you can, and be cognizant of the weather.”

Intelligent Service is a highly respected service company in the Chicagoland area of Illinois. The company has won “Super Service” and “Best Pick” awards from Angie’s List and Ebesco, along with the Better Business Bureau’s 10 Years Complaint Free Award—an accolade that Kerr finds especially meaningful. “We are always receiving five stars on Google and Yelp, but even the best company will usually have an off day. To go ten years without a complaint is really phenomenal in this business,” he says.

Intelligent Service is a Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Drain Cleaning company that specializes in complete in-home solutions. Having one single service point of contact enables Intelligent Service to understand the various histories of the appliances or systems in the home, and better diagnose problems especially where various components overlap. Kerr maintains that the company’s reputation for being a superior vendor comes from the fact that he hires only accredited and certified technicians with great reputations from a customer service perspective. Having expert technicians who enjoy working with the public is very important in maintaining their brand.

The company believes that part of their job as a member of the community is to make sure that people have the right information in regards to maintenance and their systems. That’s why they will take the time to pen articles and answer any phone calls that come into their place of business. For Kerr, saving customers money helps them to retain customers over the long haul. He believes that the various discounts and incentives they offer are important because it helps make it affordable for people to receive the home maintenance they need to have longevity in their systems.

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