Shared Storage of Data is Critical for Many Small Businesses

One problem faced by many small business owners is handling the increasing amount of digital data that business can generate.  Owners are faced with questions, that for the non-tech type, might be a bit overwhelming.  When it comes to storage and access to this growing digital data, many small business owners will look at shared storage systems with obvious questions.  Aren’t the complicated, expensive and hard to use?  What if I only want to simply store and retrieve my data?  Do I have to become an IT expert?  Most small business owners just want to keep everything simple and streamlined.

What’s the Problem with How I Store Data Now?

Many small businesses are still storing and sharing data across local removable media that you take from one computer to another, sharing the files needed by multiple users.  However, this is not the best way to protect your data, nor is it efficient when dealing with real-time project development.  A properly designed and implemented shared storage system, like those at Small Tree, actually saves you time and money.  Shared storage allows all of your media and information to be contained in one location that is accessible by multiple employees, even at the same time.  No more worrying how you are going to get content from one team member to the next.  No more worrying about losing or damaging removeable media.  One of the greatest advantages of a central shared storage is the protection that is provided to all of your content that is stored in the shared storage.  Additionally, employing RAID data protection, allows for the complete recovery of all of your data, even if a disk drive fails.

What are Additional Advantages of Shared Storage?

There are a few less obvious benefits to moving all of your content to a central shared storage system. For example, you get better utilization of your purchased storage devices. If you are constantly moving drives between editors, you end up having extra drives to ensure that you have enough storage space to move projects. By combining all the storage space in one location, you can better project when you will need to get more storage space. Combined with the fact that most shared storage systems allow you to easily add additional storage when you are ready, having a central storage solution makes it easier to manage and project your storage growth needs.

What’s the Bottom-line?

Shared storage solutions have been around for decades. But with the recent improvements in Ethernet performance, there has been a rise in much less costly and less complicated shared storage solutions with considerably better performance. Today’s shared storage solutions could be exactly what you need to raise your editing ministry work to a whole new level, while getting the job done quicker and refreshingly stress-free.

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