Planning the Perfect Outdoor Living Space Requires Investment

Many homeowners initially, and often hastily, invest in their landscape to create “curb appeal” or in the eagerness and excitement of first-time homeownership. There comes a point for all homeowners, however, when they are ready to take their landscape design to the next level. For some, that time comes when they realize they want to settle into a home and make it livable for years to come. Whenever the time comes for you, if you are ready to enhance your landscape, it is important to consider carefully what you want to achieve from your investment.

When it Comes to Your Outdoor Space, Dream Big

The first step to enhancing your outdoor living space is to use your imagination. Dream and dream big. What do you want to create? Spend some time sitting outside in your yard and playing the what-if game. What if there was a waterfall?  What if you could cook on the patio or spend hours singing songs by a fireplace?  Then go indoors and look out the windows to envision what you’d like to see when you look outside.  Initially, dream without constraints. There will be plenty of time to prioritize and set practical, workable goals but your long-term vision will help identify the necessary steps to achieve your landscape dreams.

When It Comes to Your Outdoor Space, Plan in Stages

If you find it overwhelming to look at your yard as one big space to be developed, it may be easier to imagine it as several different “stages” in the same way your indoor space is broken up. For instance, as you make notes about your landscape, draw circles for where you might have an ornamental garden or an elaborate waterfall or outdoor theater. Staging the wants for your outdoor living space may prevent planning overload and make tasks seem more attainable. You and your landscape professional can develop plans to bring each area to life all at once, if possible, or more realistically, over time.

When It Comes to Your Outdoor Space, Prioritize Each Stage

If you are having trouble prioritizing, your trusted landscape advisor, such as those at Green Oasis can help. Many professionals have questionnaires for you to complete prior to beginning a project. These questionnaires are designed to challenge your thinking and help you envision how you would like to enjoy your landscape now and in the future.

Whether you are investing thousands or tens of thousands of dollars (or more) in your landscape enhancements, you and your landscape professional can develop a plan to provide you with your ultimate outdoor living space.

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