Israeli State-of-the-Art Interceptor Vehicle for intelligence units

DefenseTechs is a top Israeli company with more than 18 years of experience in the field of Homeland Security, intelligence and Defense in 4 continents and exporter of the Israeli MOD.

DefenseTechs works with International top experts and +1000 manufacturers worldwide.

DefenseTechs is a one stop partner in the security, defense and protection field, and we know exactly what you need and what to provide. What works and what does not.

DefenseTechs developed new solutions of Armored and special INTERCEPTOR vehicles (Visible and undercover). The vehicles purposes for tactical intelligence missions and for surveillance, with state of the art intelligence systems. Since the vehicle is armored it can be operated in hostile areas and difficult terrains.

This unique development can also operate against drones. Block frequencies, discover people, vehicles and much more within meters and kilometers of distance.

More capabilities are in addition to this, the intercepting and manipulating with several systems within the vehicle, on massive quantities of mobile phones at the same time, including voice recognition and more. Obviously, the vehicle is also equipped with long range Jamming system, observing day/night cameras, Drones, Telescopic mast, high performance electric system,  and much more.

We provide also the capabilities to work every vehicle as a unique unit or interacting between different units or with a Command Center, everything in Real Time without Delays. Thanks to our high-level systems to transmit the information.

The vehicles can operate with all field conditions and long hours performance. In addition, DefenseTechs provides to governments the option of full finance to the project in a G2G agreement provided by Canada Government.

Thus, the vehicles are specially adapted to provide the best of the capabilities in one vehicle for: National Borders, Crime fighting, Counter Terror, Presidential Convoy, War against Narcotraffic, during Riots, Organized crime, etcetera.

DefenseTechs is expanding to new markets and invites to strong local partners as well as Government officials to contact us.

Media Contact
Company Name: DefenseTechs Ltd
Contact Person: Franco Tuglianovsky
City: Tel Aviv
Country: Israel