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There are many processes to settling legal disputes that differ significantly.  While some may be good for some disputes, others may be better.  Scott A. Schweber offers clients professional services in many areas of alternative dispute resolution.  Rather than going to the courtroom, Schweber saves clients the trip, and provides them with successful dispute resolution processes.  Two of the main areas of professional legal dispute services that Schweber offers include mediation and arbitration.

Scott A. Schweber is a well-respected and successful civil litigation attorney, in the Atlanta Georgia area.  He has been in the field for over 30 years, serving many clients and businesses.  Schweber is well experienced in many areas including alternative dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, civil litigation, and appeals.  He retains a number of professional licenses that makes him one of the best in the area.

Mediation and Arbitration are the two means of settling disputes that Scott A. Schweber utilizes in his profession.  While both are a way of settling means, they differ in many ways.  Mediation is a voluntary process in which both parties agree to settle their dispute.  This can be before a lawsuit is filed or even after.  Although the process is usually quite successful, sometimes contracts call for disputes to be handled through mediation.  In Atlanta specifically, mediation is very popular for those couples that are going through a divorce or trying to work out issues related to divorce.  A mediator can help guide the process but does not help the two parties come to a resolution.  A resolution is reached after both parties make an agreement.

Another way to settle disputes outside the courtroom is through the arbitration process.  Many people, companies, or businesses pursue arbitration as a means of ADR.  ADR is an alternative dispute resolution that occurs outside of the courtroom.  During the process of arbitration, the arbitrator, which is the third party, listens to both sides points and thoughts, and determines the resolution based on the information that they have received.  This is a very popular legal dispute process, especially in the Atlanta area, as it is quick, retains privacy, and saves money.

In both situations of mediation and arbitration, the third party mediator or arbitrator has to be well educated in the area.  Scott A. Schweber has been in the field for over 30 years, and has been providing clients with exceptional mediation and arbitration services ever since.  He has extensive knowledge in the field, which has made him so successful over the past 30 years.  

About Scott A.  Schweber

Scott A.  Schweber is an attorney in the Atlanta Georgian area.  With over 30 years of experience, Schweber has been offering mediation and arbitration services to many clients and businesses.  Schweber has extensive education in the field and holds many professional licenses including the Georgie Supreme Court, State of Bar Georgia, 1985, and the Georgia Court of Appeals.  Schwebers professionalism and knowledge has made him very successful in many dispute resolution cases, and makes him once of the best in the area. 

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