Watch ‘LET HER OUT’ in 10 major U.S. cities – in select theaters that have their own real-life horror locations made famous by movies.

Los Angeles, CA – October 23, 2017 –

Your October days are about to get spookier.

It’s no surprise that the box office is full of horror films the weekend before Halloween.

With Netflix’s debut of the Stephen King adaption of “1922”, Tomas Alfredson’s premiere of “The Snowman”, and the start to the US theatrical of high-concept horror director, Cody Calahan’s “LET HER OUT”, playing in 10 major cities.

“LET HER OUT” in U.S. Theaters October 20 – October 26, 2017:

Los Angeles, CA • Phoenix, AZ • Cleveland, OH • Dallas, TX • Houston, TX • Detroit, MI • Kansas City, MO • Washington, VA • Tampa, FL • New York, NY

It doesn’t matter if you’re surrounded by the sweltering, desert landscape in Arizona or near the mysterious waters surrounding New York because “LET HER OUT” is playing in select U.S. states that have their own real-life horror locations made famous by movies.

Experience the fright, panic, and ultimate horror of “LET HER OUT” and Helen battling her evil twin by attending select theaters in 10 major U.S. cities until Thursday, October 26th.

Read about real-life horror locations made famous by movies and then go experience “LET HER OUT” in these select states for endless goose bumps and ultimate chills.

1) Los Angeles, CA: “Halloween” (1978)

John Carpenter’s classic horror tells the story of the horrifying character, Michael Myers, who’s iconic home isn’t actually located in Haddonfield, IL, but rather South Pasadena, CA as a preserved California Historical Landmark.

Location: Michael Meyers House – 1000 Mission St, South Pasadena, CA 91030

See “LET HER OUT” at: Laemmle Playhouse (Pasadena, CA)

2) Phoenix, AZ: “Psycho” (1960)

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic horror opens with a northeast to southeast view of the old Jefferson Hotel (now called the Barrister Building), located in downtown Phoenix.

Location: Barrister Building – 101 S. Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 8500

See “LET HER OUT” at: Arizona Mills (Tempe, AZ)

3) Cleveland, OH: “Homebodies” (1974)

Filmed entirely in Cincinnati, Ohio, Larry Yust’s horror story follows two elderly tenants whom resort to ultimate violence when fighting against the demolition of their brownstone home. 

Location: Cincinnati during 1974

See “LET HER OUT” at: Tower City Cinema (Cleveland, OH)

4 & 5) Dallas & Houston, TX: “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (1974)

Tobe Hooper’s well-known, unsettling, blood-filled chiller takes place inside a psychopath’s Victorian house, which is now known as the Grand Central Café.

Location: Grand Central Café – 1010 King Court, Kingsland, TX 78639

See “LET HER OUT” at: Valley View 16 (Dallas, TX) and Gulf Pointe 30 (Houston, TX)

6) Detroit, MI: “It Follows” (2014)

David Robert Mitchell’s horror hit uses one of metro Detroit’s massive, abandoned automobile plant as the backdrop of the ultimately terrifying and dreadful suburban life. 

Location: Packard Automotive Plant – 6199 Concord Ave, Detroit, MI 48211

See “LET HER OUT” at: Livonia 20 (Livonia, MI)

7) Kansas City, MO: “Child’s Play 3” (1991)

Directed by Jack Bender, this film is the third of the ‘Chucky the doll’ franchise where the spirit of killer, Charles Lee Ray (‘Chucky’) causes madness inside a military school.

Location: Kemper Military School – 616-698 3rd St, Boonville, MO 65233

See “LET HER OUT” at: Barrywoods 24 (Kansas City, MO)

8) Washington, VA: “Hannibal” (2001)

Ridley Scott’s sequel to “Silence of the Lambs” stars Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore, featuring Virginia’s popular Richmond 17th Street Farmers Market.

Location: Richmond Farmers Market – 100 N. 17th St, Richmond, VA 23219

See “LET HER OUT” at: Hoffman 22 (Alexandria, VA)

9) Tampa, FL: “Day of the Dead” (1985)

George A. Romero’s third zombie movie follows a zombie apocalypse filmed in a fenced compound featuring Bowman’s Beach Helistop in Sanibel, FL.

Location: Bowman’s Beach Helistop, Sanibel, FL 33957

See “LET HER OUT” at: Veterans 24 (Tampa, FL)

10) New York, NY: “Rosemary’s Baby” (1968)

Roman Polanski’s psychological thriller features newlyweds, Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse, beginning their new life within the Gothic walls of the Bramford (known today as The Dakota), until their satanic neighbors turn their expected-to-be-perfect new life into a living nightmare. 

The Dakota has become of New York’s most excusive buildings, attracting iconic residents including Beatles singer, John Lennon, who was tragically murdered there in 1980.

Location: The Dakota – 1 West 72nd St. Central Park West, New York City, NY 10023

See “LET HER OUT” at: Soundview Cinemas (Port Washington, NY) 

The high-concept horror, “LET HER OUT” combines Calahan’s exceptional ability to mix panic and dread with Jeff Maher’s striking visuals, providing for the film’s eerie and paranormal atmosphere.

Alongside the two is Shaun Hunter, who was awarded the Festival Prize for Best Special Make-Up Effects at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Films Festival in 2016.

“LET HER OUT” features the intense lead of Helen by Alanna LaVierge, whom truly captivates the amplified horrors of real-life medical condition, “Vanishing Twin Syndrome”. Supporting LaVierge are stars Nina Kiri (“The Haunted House of Kirby Road”, “Geek Charming”) and Adam Christie (“Antisocial”).

In select theaters until October 26th, “LET HER OUT” already has critics and horror-fans alike raving, and in total fear that their evil twin will be set free.

••• Laemmle Playhouse (Los Angeles, CA), Arizona Mills (Phoenix, AZ), Tower City Cinema (Cleveland, OH), Valley View 16 (Dallas, TX), Gulf Pointe 30 (Houston, TX), Livonia 20 (Detroit, MI), Barrywoods 24 (Kansas City, MO), Hoffman 22 (Washington, VA), Veterans 24 (Tampa, FL), and Soundview Cinemas (New York, NY) •••

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