The Ultimate Bridge Card Game Has Been Released on Apple Store

Seasoned app developer, Linda Mottley has proudly announced the release of another amazing card game on iOS called ‘Bridge Card Game Classic‘. Released officially on Wednesday, October 11th, 2017, it is the ultimate bridge card game and its version 1.0 has been officially released on iTunes for the iOS users worldwide. Linda Mottley is a renowned developer for iOS and has created several other apps for iPhone and iPad users around the world.

“This version of Bridge supports both Rubber Bridge and Chicago Bridge and it will be a great treat for the bridge players around the world.” Said Linda Mottley, the developer of this amazing card game upon its launch. “The game is only available on Apple Store for iOS users and we will continue to develop more useful apps and games for the players in the days to come.” She added. According to the developers, the game is packed with amazing features and high quality graphics, while the downloading size of version 1.0 is small for ease of install.

In addition, the game features several amazing and popular variants of the classic card game of bridge. Players can easily play Rubber, and Chicago Bridge in this ultimate bridge card game. Bridge is played by four players who form two partnerships and traditionally, players within a partnership face each other across a table. Therefore, according to the rules of this game, the players are referred to by the points of the compass that are North Bridge, East Bridge, South and West Bridge.

In Rubber Bridge a rubber is played as the best of three games. A game is won by the first partnership to score 100 or more points in successful contracts. Similarly, in Chicago Bridge, a player can only play four hands of Bridge. The winner is the partnership that scores the most points in those hands. However, the most convenient feature of this game is that the players can easily team up with a computerized partner and pit their Bridge skills against two clever AI opponents.

AI opponents or the computerized artificial intelligence players are fun to play with in this game and they can fill in for the missing real world players in this game. Moreover, this free version of the classic card game is already getting a phenomenal feedback and the number of downloads have started to rise in the first few hours since its launch. With more and more computer games each day that focus mostly in the arcade category, the classic games have been significantly losing their popularity. However this app will definitely play a major role in the revival of this classic and traditionally popular card game for the generations to come.

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