Dr. Sean Young to Discuss The Science of Behavior Change with Writer/Producer Nancy Fulton on November 2

HOLLYWOOD, CA – 24 Oct, 2017 – In this one hour online interview, Dr. Sean Young will address how entertainment industry professionals and creative entrepreneurs can make lasting changes to their lives swiftly and comfortably. Those interested in attending this online event should register here: http://nancyfultonmeetups.com/2017/10/behavior-change/

People have trouble making lasting changes that improve their lives. They stop exercising, forget the diet that will prolong and improve the quality of their life, and procrastinate when it comes to doing the things and meeting the people that will give them the career, business, or personal life they desperately want.

Most of us don’t know how swiftly, comfortably, and reliably change the behaviors that determine the course of our life and yet it is a skill the vast majority of us can acquire.

In this event, Dr. Sean Young, a UCLA Medical School professor, and executive director or the UCLA Center for Digital Behavior, and the University of California Institute for Prediction technology will discuss how to stick with the changes that will help you achieve your personal and professional objectives.  His research has received more than $10M in funding from organizations like The National Institutes of health, Facebook, and Intel, and well as leading hospitals.

Topics Dr. Young will address include:

  • The Forces Behind Lasting Change

  • Building Stepladders of Incremental Change

  • What the “Common Wisdom” that Creating New Habits Dead Wrong

  • Neurohacks and Mental Shortcuts to Accelerate Beneficial Change

  • How to Get Your Brain on Your Side so Change is Easier

Dr. Young’s National Best Selling book, Stick With It: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life–For Good is available now on Amazon.

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