Ningbo Sunplast Pipe Co., Ltd Announces Multilayer Pipes For Water Plumbing, Heating & Other Purposes

Ningbo Sunplast Pipe Co., Ltd has Multilayer pipes, PEX-AL-PEX pipes and PERT-AL-PERT pipes in their stock, which can be used for water plumbing, heating and a variety of other purposes.

Multilayer pipes have different layers made of different materials, which provide them the strength and also protects them against corrosion and rusting. These multilayer pipes have their useful application in the water supply, general plumbing and other sectors. Ningbo Sunplast Pipe Co., Ltd offers multilayer pipes with different layers of plastic, aluminum and other materials and which come with exceptional properties.


The company supplies multilayer pipes that are healthy and non-toxic for the supply of drinking water. They have the multilayer pipe with a reduced thermal expansion so that it can be used in industrial projects for years. These pipes can be considered as a green building material and they can also customize the specifications of the pipes as per the client’s request. They supply multilayer pipes with an aluminum core that features a small thermal coefficient and shows a considerable impact resistance and toughness.

Clients can procure the ASTM standard PEX-AL-PEX pipe from Ningbo Sunplast Pipe Co., Ltd that is also CE certified to be used in plumbing and other projects. Available in different sizes, these pipes consist of a five-layered structure with different materials in the different layers. The middle layer is of aluminum and outer layers are of PEX material. The unique combination of metal and plastic in these pipes makes them robust, flexible and easy to install. These pipes can be the best option for plumbing and under-floor heating systems and can offer a superior and long-lasting performance. These pipes are also suitable for the drinking water supply.

Multilayer Pipe 

Ningbo Sunplast Pipe Co., Ltd also supplies the PERT-AL-PERT pipe with a diffusion tight aluminum core and outer layers of PERT plastic. The pipe is suitable for plumbing and underground heating systems and it can withstand a temperature of 95 degree Celsius or above. The aluminum core prevents oxygen and other gases to permeate through the pipe and avoids the contamination of water flowing through the pipe. The pipe exhibits a low heat expansion with the changing temperature and hence perfect for a long lasting use.

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Ningbo Sunplast Pipe Co., Ltd, through over 15 years’ development, is now known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of HDPE pipe, HDPE pipe fittings (Poly fittings), Multilayer Pipes (MCLP pipe), PEX-AL-PEX pipe, PERT-AL-PERT pipe, ppr pipes and fittings etc in China. The company has introduced many advanced technologies and equipments in their factory. They supply quality and low price pipes and fittings made in China.

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