Brazilian Theatrical Group DrammAto Kostás Revives its Inaugaral Show “Simply Christmas”

In 2008, the Brazilian theatrical community was gifted with a new production company DrammAto Kostás. This innovative and successful company impressed audiences with its powerful show “Simply Christmas” which it first produced in 2012. “Simply Christmas” earned rave reviews from audiences and critics for its vivacious and touching story, impeccable acting and production, and heartwarming musical numbers. In response to popular demand, DrammAto Kostás is proud to announce that it will be bringing back “Simply Christmas” this holiday season.

Under the direction of highly esteemed director Daniel Kostás, “Simply Christmas” is a holiday spectacular that celebrates the magic of Christmas through dance, song and drama.  DrammAto has not only become a major part of holiday celebrations in Belo Horizonte but it has helped revive the musical theater in one of Brazil’s most important cities.  The success of DrammAto Kostás and “Simply Christmas” is largely attributable to the impressive efforts of production crew which include Pedro Pederneiras (director of the great Brazilian dance company Grupo Corpo), Selhe Mapèr, Andressa Corso and Alberto Venceslau.

In order to produce “Simply Christmas” in all of its intended splendor, DrammAto Kostás has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Catarse to raise R$108,000, until October 3rd. These funds will be used to help pay the salaries of actors, musicians and production crew. In return for your generous financial support, you may receive valuable perks like T-shirts, posters, photos of the cast, tickets to “Simply Christmas”, backstage passes, mugs, downloads, VIP invitations to the cast party, or luxury gift bags.

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