Truckers Trip Planning Application News Release.

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The Truckers Trip Planning App is a tool to help truckers make fast decision about whether they have the required hours of service to run the load and whether the load is actually profitable before they accept the load.

The Truckers Trip Planning App quickly calculates the required hours of service, ETA, NAT, load revenue, and profitability before you accept a load. 

In contrast to the many wonderful routing apps on the market, the Truckers Trip Planning App is built with the precedence of accepting a load before planning the route.

The Truckers Trip Planning App can quickly render:

  • The total hours required to run the load,

  • Your latest start time,

  • Your ETA to your pick up,

  • Your ETA to your delivery,

  • Your Next Available Time,

  • Your operating cost per mile,

  • The total amount of fuel you’ll need to purchase,

  • The total revenue generated by the load,

  • The amount of profit or loss,

  • Truck specific routes to your pickup and delivery,

  • You can plan multiple loads in advance

  • and much more…

Download the Truckers Trip Planning App here: Trucker Apps for Android:…http://www.truckers-trip-planning-app…

Trucker Apps for IPhone: http://www.truckers-trip-planning-app…

Learn more about the Truckers Trip Planning App at http://www.truckers-trip-planning-app…

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