Okami Knives hits the headlines for Launching a New Legendary Knife at a Lower Price Point

Okami Knives is back in news for its recent release of 8” Chef Knife. Designed for deluxe cooking and featuring professional German steel, this knife ensures precision and fast cutting. A unique knife is associated with a legendary tale, which facilitates creative cooking in style.

October 24, 2017: Okami Knives has announced its new extra sharp knife that is said to be the ultimate multipurpose knife as it does almost all types of tasks that chefs expect from a versatile knife, such as dicing, slicing, mincing, and chopping. The premium German steel is sharp at the same time super light; while it’s ergonomic design minimizes fatigue of constantly working hands. While these features may give a feeling of being common, the knife is certainly an uncommon accessory.   

The company’s motto is to provide knives with a story that can motivate even a naïve chef to work like a pro. This is evident from the design on the knife’s packaging. Both the packaging design and logo wrap meaningful symbolism through different Noh Theater to Japanese legends and characters. This is how Okami seems to be different and more creative.

The new knife depicts the fight between Siegfried and the dragon with Odin’s wolf and his legendary sword, the Balmung. While the wolf symbolizes Okami (the Japanese word for wolf), Siegfried is the customer slaying down the dragons in the kitchen. This is why this knife belongs to the Japanese collection, a unique one that tells a different legend”, said Jerome Loos, founder of the Okami Knives.

Balmung was the sword of Siegfried for fighting with the Fafnir dragon. Symbolizing this legend, the new knife is out to make each chef Siegfried. Because of its unique visual impact, it can be used as a gift. Moreover, the knife comes with a cleaning cloth, an edge guard, and customer support, all of which are valuable for chefs.

According to the Head of Sales, Laura Andersen, “We have had good success with our Japanese steel chef knife, which is now in top 10 chef knives on several sites online. It is already bringing more sales for the business. Now, with this Balmung knife, we are envisioning a sky-high sales figure in near future. A part of this can be accredited to its competitive price, as we do not have middlemen”.

About Okami Knives

Founded in 2015, Okami Knives is one of the fastest evolving knife companies in the U.S. With a couple of team members sharing a passion for cooking, it has become a popular provider of professional, high-quality knives in just two years. Setting apart from others, it was the first one to come up with quality packaging including add-ons such as edge guards.

For more information, visit the official website at https://www.okamiknives.com

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