Rid-Of-It Vancouver: Garbage and Junk Removal Service Making a Difference in People’s Lives

Everyone can contribute to making the world a better place. This is proven by Rid-Of-It Vancouver garbage and junk removal service, which does not only help people get rid of their junk. They also use the resources they have to help those in need.

They say ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Scott Marenych, the owner of a Vancouver garbage and junk removal service has taken that saying to heart. He currently helps hundreds of homeless in the Vancouver area while aiding his clients with junk removal at the same time. His junk removal service, Rid-Of-It works together with hotels and donates what can be salvaged to the shelters around the city.

The company’s FB page and Rid-Of-It official website have more info and offer free estimates. However, most importantly, they offer contact information. Business owners and regular Vancouver residents can use that info to set up a junk removal that will be more than a trip to the local landfill. This particular junk removal Vancouver service doesn’t stop at donating whatever can be reused. They also take care to recycle suitable junk to minimize the damage to the environment.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/RdtULPJ7WHY

How Does Rid-Of-It Vancouver Garbage and Junk Removal Service Help People?

There are over 35,000 people who are homeless on any given night in Canada. 27.3% of the homeless are women and 18.7% are youths. Not all of the homeless are able to get into shelters and even when they are, the shelters are severely limited due to low funding. Often, they lack the most basic things, like toiletries, bedding, and food.

This situation is everyone’s concern as many of the homeless tell tragic stories of leading full and successful lives. Some of them lost their homes and places in the world due to divorces, diseases, accidents, and other tragedies that can happen to anyone. Therefore, it’s everyone’s respo0nsibility to do what they can to help those unfortunate enough to be in these circumstances.

This is what Scott believes in and that’s why his junk removal Vancouver service takes steps to reach out to those people. Today, the Triage, The Vivian, And Powell Street Getaway shelters have already received aid from Rid-Of-It. Scott managed to donate over 200 pillows discarded from one of the hotels. He’s also set up deals where the hotel donates leftover toiletries to the shelter so not a drop goes to waste.

It might seem like a residential and commercial rubbish and junk removal in Vancouver can’t do much to combat the issue of homelessness in Canada. However, Scott proves that he and his company are capable by doing their best to improve people’s lives every day. He inspires with this example and shows other businesses that everyone can make a contribution. Even when all one has to do is to call a junk removal service that will find good use for their junk.

Media Contact
Company Name: RID-OF-IT Vancouver
Contact Person: Scott Marenych
Email: scott@ridofitvancouver.ca
Phone: (604) 659-6670
Address:167 West 2nd Avenue
City: Vancouver
State: BC V5Y 1B8
Country: Canada
Website: ridofitvancouver.ca