US holds its largest health Qigong performance in San Francisco’s Union Square

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San Francisco September. More than 500 people, including 10 bodybuilding communities, took part in a mass health qigong exercise as part of an exchange platform between the US and China, and to promote traditional Chinese culture and martial arts.


The Shaolin Culture Center of San Francisco was a co-organizer, along with the Chinese Health Qigong Association and the United States Tai Chi Health Foundation. 

The event followed a forum held on September 22, attended by several media outlets and receiving congratulatory letters from some political figures including San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and California State Senator Robert Wieckowski.

During the outdoor event, Union Square had a warm atmosphere, with locals and tourists stopping to watch events. Flags were flown bearing the slogan of this year’s World Health Qigong Day (August 13) “Let Me Teach You Health Qigong”.


Four experts from China performed “Ba Duan Jin” (Eight Pieces of Brocade), a popular form of Chinese qigong used as exercise. Local communities also showed crowds various tai chi exercises.

Local people held banners reading “Health qigong benefits all mankind” “Falun Gong is not health qigong” and “Falun Gong is a cult that harms life”.

After performances, The China Health Qigong Association and San Francisco Temple Cultural Center held a series of activities on the science behind health qigong, sharing health qigong exercises and principles, and differentiating qigong and pseudo-scientific practices such as Falun Gong.

Health qigong has spread to five continents, more than 50 countries and regions and has more than 6.5 million practitioners worldwide.

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