Solid Rock Community School Holds Annual “Amazing Race” Day

TARPON SPRINGS, FL – 25 Oct, 2017 – Each year hundreds of students at Solid Rock Community School participate in a challenging race event called “The Amazing Race.” Parents and other community members flock to the school to set up and run booths with interesting activities for students to complete as they compete for prizes for the fastest teams, the team with the most teamwork, the most encouraging team, and more.

What makes this race unique is that the teams are comprised of students from kindergarten through twelth grade. Each group includes kids with a range of abilities and interests who may not usually get to interact with each other. The race challenges are set up so that everyone on the team can do them, but they require teamwork and cooperation that creates a bond between the older and younger students that lasts all throughout the year.

Solid Rock Community School serves students on an academic skill level basis so there are no grade levels during the weeks, so that students interact with many different aged peers during their days. The Amazing Race is one way that the school emphasizes unity and collaboration and it’s an activity that parents and other supporters in the community can participate in as well.

During this year’s competition on October 6, 2017, Solid Rock Community School administrators and staff were excited to see multiple awards earned by students who have serious physical disabilities and other challenges. The Amazing Race ends on an exciting note as teams receive their cash awards and the whole school cheers for each other, then everyone eats pizza and ice cream to celebrate another amazing success, because everyone who completes this race knows that it takes skill and the ability to work together to finish this race.

If you are interested in being involved as a sponsor or volunteer for The Amazing Race in the future, please contact Michele Fasnacht at  

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Solid Rock Community School is a 501c3 non-profit, tax-exempt, co-educational, skill level based, K-12 private school. Solid Rock Community School caters to a diverse group of students including those who are typical, gifted, or struggle with academic delays, emotional and social differences, autism or other disabilities. Many students who do not fit in the box of traditional education excel at Solid Rock Community School.

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