Kuntai Machinery Introduces Nesting Cutting Machine for Precise Cutting of Nonmetals for Different Industries

The Nesting Cutting Machine is useful for the die cutting of a variety of non-metallic materials and can be used in industries like automotive interiors, abrasives, leather goods, textile, toys and others.

Kuntai Machinery supplies a wide range of cutting machines that are used in different industries. Recently, they have introduced several types of advanced cutting machines with superior features. These machines are easy to operate and are economical because of their energy efficiency and higher outputs.

Among different types of cutting machines, the company’s Nesting Cutting Machine has been well recognized by industries for its precise and efficient die cutting of various nonmetals, including rubber, plastic, leather, textile etc. This machine is suitable for a wide range of applications in the automotive interior, leather goods, textile, rubber product and other sectors.

With an ability of continuous cutting, the machine can be used for fast cutting of materials and supply finished materials to different industries. The machine comes fitted with the servo motor and a special hydraulic system for a smooth machine operation.

automotive interior cutting machine

According to the spokesperson of the company, their EPDM cutting machine is suitable for fabric cutting for different applications. The machine can easily cut multiple layers of rolled materials using the die cutter. For the die cutting of fabric, foam, sponge and other nonmetal materials, the machine is the best fit for different industries. The machine is suitable for continuous cutting of materials in large batches to deliver a significant output on a daily basis. The spokesperson reveals that the machine is fitted with the PLC touch screen, allowing an operator to control all the cutting parameters.

For the car interior industry, the company has a significant automotive interior cutting machine range. They have machines for cutting foam, rubber, leather and other materials that are widely used in the automotive interior sector. Clients can choose from different models with different maximum cutting force and different working table dimensions to suit their production needs. With a higher degree of automation, these machines can improve the production capacity by several times in any industry. The machines are fitted with high quality parts such as imported oil pumps and servo motors.

To know more about the different cutting machines the company can supply, one can visit their website http://www.kuntai-group.com.

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