Animiz Launches Professional Corporate Video Creator for The Customers

“Corporate Video Creator”
The number of people who take advantage of Animiz is increasing every day. Thus, Animiz makes it to be the professional corporate video creator for the customers.

Animiz is delighted to announce the launch of the new corporate video creator that makes it very easy to create animated videos. All that customers need is to upload their PPT presentations and Animizcorporate video creator will do the rest. With special features like rich multimedia and charts, the created videos can turn into a great way to present any business to the wide public.

More than 310,000 customers already use Animiz software to create outstanding corporate videos. They follow 5 simple steps, which enable them to produce an engaging video within minutes.

  • Step 1 is to import a PowerPoint file.
  • Step 2 is to customize all the images, text, effects, dynamic scenes, etc.
  • Step 3 enables customers to add up to 10 different charts to present their ideas.
  • Step 4 enables people to choose from more than 300 animation effects that can make the video presentation lively and dynamic.
  • Step 5 is to customize the aspect ratio of the business video and publish it.

The ready video can be watched both online and offline by people all over the world.

Jerry Fong, designer of Animiz, shares the good news:

“We are happy to offer our customers such a great opportunity for free. The corporate video creator is made to provide people with convenient features and to save them a lot of time. Yet, the ready videos are fantastic and look like they are made by professional video makers.”

To know how wonderful this corporate animation video maker is, just go to download it for free.

About Us:

Animiz Software Co. Ltd. is a quickly developing software company that provides people around the globe with affordable business and education software solutions. The company grows in popularity and today it is a world leading software developer. 

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