New Business Starters Should be Money Wise: Straham McNeil Partners

New York – The biggest illusion that some would-be entrepreneurs and start-ups have is that money can solve all of their problems. Indeed it takes some money to set up a business, but the initial investment must offer a return as well, according to Straham McNeil Partners, a New York based financial consultancy firm.

If there was a parable to be written about starting a new business and floundering, it could be about how owners pump money into every aspect of a business without an realistic opportunity of receiving a return. One can thus pump money into advertising, marketing, operations, and infrastructure and so on, and expect sales to happen.

Once the expected revenue begins to trickle in, one can then push it further with the power of money and marketing. It is wise to have a foundation first that is based on reality and has undergone some correction before diving in with money.

“Investing in a business isn’t about throwing money in and waiting for results to happen. One should have some revenue channels open, take feedback from target audience, sell prototypes, and be ready for DIY social marketing. Preparations like these can save money and future embarrassment,” said Strahan McNeil.

Strahan McNeil Partners is a New York headquartered finance firm which operates a global network of over 560 finance professionals redefining their traditional role as ‘financial technicians’. The firm offers specialized financial services that handles audits, restructuring, structured finance, and mergers and acquisitions. Focused on turning knowledge into value and advantage for its clients, Strahan McNeil Partners provides clients with wide ranging financial and accounting services that meet globally consistent norms.

Strahan McNeil Partners is today playing a new role in the capital markets, supporting positive reforms that would strengthen credibility and confidence. The firm actively takes up social responsibility, making it part of its central, working agenda so as to make a real difference to the communities it serves.

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