Creative BioMart Provides Period Circadian Clock 2 to Assist Circadian Rhythm Researchers

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology was awarded jointly to American circadian rhythm researchers: Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash, and Michael Young for shedding light on how time is measured each day in biological systems, including our own bodies. Creative BioMart, a leading supplier of quality protein products, is proud to provide Period Circadian Clock 2 to assist Circadian Rhythm Researchers.

By the use of fruit flies, this year’s Nobel laureates isolated a gene that controls the normal daily biological rhythm. They found that this gene encodes a protein that accumulates in the cell during the night and is then degraded during the day. Their discoveries, help explain how plants, animals, and humans adapt their biological rhythm to the earth’s revolution.

Period circadian clock 2 products in Creative BioMart include: Recombinant Human PER2, Recombinant Mouse PER2 Protein, Recombinant Rat PER2 Protein, Recombinant Chicken PER2, Recombinant Zebrafish PER2, etc.

“The three laureates’ discoveries have put a huge step forward of the circadian biology, making it a vast and highly dynamic research field with implications for our health and wellbeing. We, Creative BioMart, are so glad to have Per2 proteins in stock to help scientists with their research. We are always trying to offer our customers the most comprehensive and quality products.” commented Linna, the chief marketing staff in Creative BioMart.

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