Wonder Curl Paves Way To Make Curly Hair Styles Glow with Natural Pride

Kearny, NJ – Curly hair styles require some special pampering, and this need has led to the birth of a new and exclusive brand, Wonder Curl. Wonder Curl is an artisanal indie beauty brand for curly hair, whose products are revolutionizing the curly  hair  industry  as  never  before  by  making styling a no-guess process.

Natural and stylish, curly hair looks great on everyone, but there aren’t many products out there that can give them definition, provide nourishment with natural ingredients,  and allow for  a streamlined  process  of styling. Wonder Curl products, fashioned with ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, tamanu oil, Pro Vitamin B5, and avocado butter, offers all of these and more.

“I started Wonder Curl in my kitchen because I wanted quality products that used natural ingredients for my hair. To watch the company grow and be at this place where so many curly haired women and men get the opportunity to use these amazing products is very humbling,” says Scarlett Rocourt, Founder, Wonder Curl.

Requiring only two products for hydrated and long lasting styles, the most distinctive features of Wonder Curl brands address common issues faced while maintaining curly hair styles. After using a Wonder Curl product, curls retain their wet look after drying, and there is no need to rewet or refresh curls again the next day. Wonder Curl looks great on all textures, from curly and coily to kinky.

As a plant based vegan, Scarlett has complete trust in natural ingredients for their nourishing qualities so that her products, unlike other brands, can deliver on its promise. For instance, Wonder Curl offers the Get Set Hair Jelly, a perfect hair gel for curly hair, which keeps hair frizz-free in humid conditions and does not produce a crunch or residue feeling.

“With Wonder Curl products, you only need one of our moisturizers and then follow up with one of our stylers. The result is amazing curls that will stay hydrated and last for days,” says Scarlett.

Wonder Curl aims to empower everyone with curly hair to wear their hair style naturally and with confidence.

For more information, please visit: www.wondercurl.com

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