Anointed: Chronicles of Laftu, the Bible-based app receives great reviews

Anointed: Chronicles of Laftu is the newly launched app on Google Play store and iTunes that has received great reviews by the users. It is a Bible-based app that enables the users to use the unique powers contained in the Holy Bible for destroying the evil characters such as Poverty, Disease, Terror and more. It is a fun app for believers that have received positive feedback from the users. “God is good. I’ve been waiting for a good Christian game for a long time. Stage 7 is tough though”, says one user on Google Play store. A demo video of the game is also available on Youtube.

Anointed is an entertaining app that takes the players on an adventurous journey to rid the land of all evil practices. It relies on a fun and quality gameplay allied with Bible affirmation: ‘Touch not my anointed, does my prophet no harm.’ Let the villains know the power you possess, conquer your enemies before it is too late!’ The game enables the player to put the whole armor of God and stand as Laftu (The main Character) against all evil. Along the way, the player can also use protective gear such as the ‘Shield of Faith’ and the ‘Belt of Truth’. They can attack the enemies using the words contained in the bible which is showed as a ray of bright yellow light. The player can also use their special privilege by summoning angels who will respond with powerful boosters such as ‘Firestorm’, ‘Thunderstrike’, and ‘Hole block’.

Anointed is developed by Yinka Iyinolakan, the founder of Yinola Ltd who aimed to create a fun and informational game for the Christians all over the world that helps them to connect with their faith in a convenient way. He mentions, “I wanted Christians from around the world to resonate with the plot; through positivity, consistency and most especially, the power of the words contained in the bible, every obstacle in life can be shattered”. 

When asked about choosing Laftu as the main character in the game, Iyinolakan says, “Laftu is the superhero in this game, and the bible is his weapon. The reason we are attracted to superheroes isn’t necessarily because of the color of their skin or where they are from but because of their motivations and what they fight for. Laftu fights against poverty, disease, terror, and bullies etc.”

Anointed features a unique gameplay under which the player can use whack-a-foe to repel and defeat enemies. The game is made more challenging by target score, timed levels, and no misses. The app also sends wonderful surprises and daily manna that can be collected by the user. There are multiple levels in the game, each gets challenging as the user moves up. The levels feature unique boosters and Christian accolades to keep it fun and informational. The players can also compete with their friends and family to compare their scores on the leaderboard.

Anointed: Chronicles of Laftu, has a beautiful and dynamic map which the player can use to renew their land by conquering all the evil in every corner. The game can be played offline, however, it is suggested to play the game online to experience full adventure and access more features. The developers have recently updated the app to fix minor bugs and adding more features for even better gameplay.

The gaming app is available for free download at iTunes and Google Play store.

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