Social Cooperative Fabula Onlus Starts Kickstarter Campaign To Raise Funds For HomeMate Project

Social Cooperative Fabula Onlus announces Kickstarter campaign funding to launch HomeMate – the Assisted Autonomy Project for Autistic People.

Social Cooperative Fabula Onlus, a Milan-based organization that deals with education, autism, and physical and mental disabilities, has announced that they are taking to Kickstarter to fund their HomeMate project. It is an Assisted Autonomy Project for Autistic People aimed at creating intelligent environments that nurture the autonomy of autistic people.

“We are happy to announce the launch of our fundraiser campaign at Kickstarter for our HomeMate project which is designed to help create intelligent environments for favoring the autonomy of autism-affected individuals,” says the spokesperson for Social Cooperative Fabula Onlus. “HomeMate is designed to adapt to the habits and personal goals of the user so that they can enjoy enhanced quality of life. We also ensure that every autistic person will receive follow-up from a Life Mentor so that they can establish their goals and routines.”

HomeMate presents a highly efficient way of creating the best possible environments to nurture and improve the self-reliance of those affected by autism. With HomeMate, they can manage their daily routine and life better. More importantly, HomeMate offers more than virtual home help. All HomeMate activity is set and managed by an expert Life Mentor.

According to the developers, HomeMate can support in recalling appointments, daily routines like shopping, medications and also provide support in leisure time management. It will recommend activities that are in sync with the personal preferences of the autism-affected individual. There are many other routine activities supported by HomeMate that people with autism generally find it difficult to manage. These include daily household tasks, planning balanced and nutritious meals and others.

HomeMate is also designed to support emergency services when some danger arises such as gas leak, fire, fall, and more. It can also intervene when the user indulges in behavior that are not in line with established life goals and can be potentially harmful such as watching television until late at night, playing music at loud volume, retiring to bed late at night, and other such activities. Yet, HomeMate is not a controlling or strict authority figure.

It is a sensible and flexible system that allows users to enjoy personal freedom and respects the desire of every individual for self-determination. The key goal is to guarantee autonomy powered by technology to those affected by autism. Users can interact with HomeMate using voice commands through an app installed on their smartphone, tablet or other similar device.

The key challenge that the HomeMate team is facing is to develop a bespoke system that can adjust to the specific requirements of individual users. The crowdfunding goal of Social Cooperative Fabula Onlus on Kickstarter is €11,208. The deadline for meeting this goal is 15 November, 2017.

About HomeMate:

HomeMate is an assisted autonomy project for autistic people by Social Cooperative Fabula Onlus, a Milan-based organization that deals with education, intellectual disabilities and autism. HomeMate aims to create intelligent environments that can boost the autonomy level of autistic people. It is designed to help such individuals manage their daily life routine and other activities in a far more independent manner. Every autistic person will get follow up from an expert Life Mentor.

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