Boone Greenly Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Meet The Funding Goals Of Project HandsDown

Boone Greenly announces launch of campaign on Kickstarter to fund project HandsDown.

Boone Greenly, the St Paul, MN based innovator and entrepreneur has announced a Kickstarter campaign for HandsDown, a wearable device designed to break the unhealthy habit of touching the face frequently. The device silently vibrates when users touch their face, bite nails, rub their eyes, or scratch the facial acne.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for HandsDown, a unique device that helps in breaking the bad habit of touching one’s face frequently,” says Boone Greenly about his latest creation. “Hands are the biggest source of infection as nearly 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands. HandsDown makes things easy with an instant objective feedback.”

According to the developer, all it takes is two hours of training in the privacy of one’s home for around a month to break the bad habit of touching face frequently. Kids as well as grownups can train themselves to stop face touching. It is a great and simple way of protecting users from common infections that spread through hand touch like cold and flu.

Hand washing is not a solution to deal with this vexing problem according to the makers of HandsDown. Hands get contaminated with various types of germs and viruses within no time as they are present everywhere from faucet handles to door knobs to switches to elevator buttons and water fountains. Viruses can spread even from a simple handshake.

Boone Greenly says that they have made significant progress in the HandsDown project. They have field tested the prototypes and achieved great results. The product has been designed for mass production. They also own the patent and the name.

The instant and objective feedback that HandsDown offers makes the training process easy for all users. The objective is in the form of a silent vibration generated at the moment the user touches their face, rub their eyes, bite their nails, or scratch the acne on their face.

Caring parents will love HandsDown as it can help them keep their homes free from common infections. Boone Greenly and his team have already finished the design and have tested the system. The funding that the developers are attempting to raise from their Kickstarter campaign will go towards covering the costs for injection mold tooling, housings, circuit boards, assembly, testing and shipping, shirt clip components, and transaction fees.

The HandsDown team has a financial goal of $30,000 that they are trying to close in on Kickstarter. The deadline for meeting the goal is November 4, 2017. There are many attractive incentives for contributors to the Kickstarter campaign depending on their level of participation.

About HandsDown:

HandsDown is a unique project by Boone Greenly that aims to put an end to the irritating and unhealthy habit of touching one’s face frequently. The device is a user-friendly tool that makes training easy. It provides instant and objective feedback in the form of a silent vibration when the user touches their face or indulge in other virus spreading activities like rubbing eyes, biting nails or scratching acne.

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