New Romance Novel Described As The Best New Fiction Of 2017

You, Me, and the Goldfish which has been written by M. T. Straker, a mental health nurse, is now available on Amazon as a Kindle download.

One of the most talked about new Romance Novels of 2017 has been released on Amazon. The book titled You, Me, and the Goldfish, was written by M. T. Straker as part of a series of romance novels. The new young romance novel has gained worldwide exposure, and now as well as being available as a paperback, it is available as a Kindle download.


The first book in the series follows a young woman called Alexia who meets the young man of her dreams. However, love is never easy to find, and relationships can be a struggle. Alexia is not like any other young woman; she has had to grow up quickly with being the sole caregiver of her mother. As a young woman responsible for looking after her mother, who has serious mental health issues, finding love comes unexpectedly.

They say that love can come at any time and this is so true for Alexia who fell head over heels for a young man called Justin, whose grandmother is part of the same therapy class as her mother. Alexia thought with all the baggage that she has that a handsome young man would not notice her, but he did, which leads to a complicated road to romance.

You, Me, and the Goldfish, which is 226 pages long and available as a Paperback for $9.45 and Kindle download for $3.12, shows how love can be a huge struggle. It also reflects real life by showing a very complicated path that some people take while being there for someone who is suffering from mental health problems.

When asked why she wrote the book, M.T. Straker said: “I wrote this novel because there are growing numbers of young people caring for a parent with mental health problems, with limited support. I wanted to reflect what many young people go through and how their lives change.”

The new young adult romance novel has gained worldwide attention, and now it is available via Amazon as a download.

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About The Author

Straker holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Edge Hill University. She subsequently received her diploma in mental health nursing from Liverpool John Moores University. She is dedicated to helping and supporting those suffering from mental health problems.

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