LocoLingo – Local Area Social Networking App About To Launch

LocoLingo, an app for IOS and Android created by 18-year-old Austin Wright will soon launch with some fire power to bring local area social networking to life. The app is specifically designed for young people to allow them to stay in the social loop with their local area. The app is targeted to places like college campuses to now allow students on campus to capture, share, and view real-time taken photos and videos on a feed of posts that are all visible for 24 hours before they disappear. The app is most similar to a unique and swift combination of Snapchat and Instagram with its own twists and differences, but all based on the local area aspect of social networking. The app has been in development for over a year now and has gained a lot of excitement for the release. Not to mention the LocoLingo ambassador team that consists of already 75+ students from 25+ schools across the country backing the app to help it launch into the app stores with some momentum.

LocoLingo - Local Area Social Networking App About To Launch

In the app stores today, you can probably find a social networking app that covers pretty much ever different sector of social networking. However, there is still one major hole that is waiting to be filled, and that is the local area social network. The market has been tested before with apps like YikYak that had huge success but died off because many viewed their platform as too plain and boring. In the other case, Nextdoor has been a huge recent success tapping into the local area marketing aimed at older people. The next big thing will be the local area platform targeted and designed for the young people of today’s world, and that will be LocoLingo. The impact LocoLingo will have on places like college campuses and even the populated cities will be immense. College students can finally be on a network that instead of following friends and family, they will be able to follow the relevant people and students that are posting and looking to interact that are on campus too. Allowing college students to be able to capture, share, and view real-time and updated content will play a huge role for bringing campuses together through one single platform.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/iOJvihqtxh4

We can really see a bright future for LocoLingo and expect it to catch on quick. Not only are they offering a platform that fills a big gap, they are also bringing a very unique and nicely developed platform to the table for such a young company and app. Most importantly, LocoLingo was designed and engineered to adapt popular features from large platforms like posts only visible for 24 hours, deleting messages in chat, and only allowing real-time taken photos and videos which will attract the young crowd who are already familiar with this functionality from other social platforms. The different aspects of LocoLingo from the main feed of posts, to the chat with disappearing photos, videos, and text, user profiles to see people’s posts within the last 30 days, and the real-time camera ties the whole app together in way that will allow it to have a dynamic ability of use for its users. It will be exciting to see them launch and update their app with new features and improvements based on how the first adopters utilize their platform. We can see it being the platform that offers a constant feed of social activity in a very transparent way with a continuously fresh feed of photos and videos from users within localized areas. It wouldn’t be surprising if LocoLingo spreads quickly and becomes used by college campuses across the country because the platform will perform perfectly in a setting like a college campus.

About LocoLingo

LocoLingo was founded by 18-year-old entrepreneur Austin Wright. He has single handedly self-funded and ran the company and development team for over a year now in preparation for the release. He now also runs the student ambassador program which consists of 75+ students from 25+ schools across the country and is growing at an exponential rate. The app is developed in a way that allows it to attract young users giving it enormous potential to be a successful social network all based on socially interacting with people in your local area. The team is very excited for the official launch into the app stores and we expect big things from LocoLingo to be the next big social app on campuses.

Media Contact
Company Name: LocoLingo, LLC
Contact Person: Austin Wright
Email: Austin@LocoLingo.com
Phone: +1 (248) 770-7311
Address:3683 Forest Spring drive
City: Lake Orion
State: Michigan
Country: United States
Website: https://www.locolingo.com/