Creative Diagnostics Launches Drug Delivery with Nanoparticles for Bioresearchers

With years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector, Creative Diagnostics recently launches drug delivery with nanoparticles to support biologically relevant research. Together with a range of quality products and services, it can be applied in various fields including cancer drug delivery, oral drug delivery, brain drug delivery, etc.

Featured products for drug delivery like magnetic particles, polymer particles, and gold nanoparticles are also supplied. Researchers can find related products such as Absolute Mag™ Carboxylic Acid Iron Oxide Nanoparticles, DiagPoly™ Carboxyl Polystyrene Particles, 0.015 µm, DiagNano™ Methyl, PEG2000 Gold Nanoparticles, 20 nm available at Creative Diagnostics. With optimized physicochemical and biological properties, nanotechnology becomes a potential method of replacing traditional medicines and the next generation tools for drug delivery applications.

Nanoparticles can be successfully used as delivery tools for currently bioactive compounds with low solubility. And nanotechnology offers targeted drug delivery to the site of disease. As drugs can be protected from a critical environment, their unfavorable biopharmaceutical properties can be replaced by the desired properties of nanoparticles. Thus, compared to the traditional forms of drugs, nanoparticles delivery systems offer many advantages.

Dr. Jessica Waldorf, chief scientific officer of R&D department, at Creative Diagnostics said: “Creative Diagnostics’ high quality drug delivery technology and services will deliver reproducibility, quality and efficiency to life science researchers, accelerating their bio-research. This newly released technology and related products are designed for researchers carrying out projects in various fields including drug discovery in biotechnology and biopharmaceutical.”

“We are so excited to offer such expanded drug delivery products and services to our growing community of customers who are requiring more expert biomaterials,” said Dr. Randy S. Vaughn, senior researcher at Creative Diagnostics. “Creative Diagnostics continues to provide improved access to a broader range of drug delivery products and services for academic, pharmaceutical and biotech researchers. We can now extend our support offerings to researchers both locally and around the globe.”

For more detailed information on drug delivery, please contact Creative Diagnostics directly at 1-631-619-7922 or email to You’ll find more about their newly released products.

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Creative Diagnostics is a leading manufacturer of magnetic particles and related products for immunoassay development. It provides a comprehensive list of immunomagnetic bead products conjugated with different coating materials and functional groups in multiple sizes to meet your need for research and industrial prospect development.

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