Jordan Samhuri AKA Dr. J Starts Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Project The Myth of the Gaia

Jordan Samhuri, better known as Dr. J starts a campaign on Kickstarter for funding project ‘The Myth of the Gaia.’

Science educational video maker, professor, researcher and pharmaceutical consultant, Jordan Samhuri, has announced launch of Kickstarter campaign for ‘The Myth of the Gaia.’ The retired science enthusiast and expert is keen to spread the benefits of science among the young minds through his educational videos.

“Without science, there is no civilization and that’s precisely the reason why I want to spread knowledge about science among the young minds,” says Dr. J. “The Myth of the Gaia is a mix of image, video, animation and music that weaves a story about humanity in 50,000 years. My project is unique and bold and something of this kind has not been done before.”

According to Dr. J, this is a story about the future of the human race 50,000 years from today. Here, Gaia refers to the planet Earth. The story is about the human race some 50,000 years from now. Technology has changed the way humans live and behave dramatically. They have become so advanced that they are now living in planets orbiting other stars, and have lost the sense of their roots and real history.  

Most of them believe that the fact that they came from planet Gaia is a myth. A historian and his daughter decide to find out the truth and set out on an incredible adventure to know real facts about their origins. The story reveals some shocking and riveting twists and turns.  The author believes that it will raise goose bumps all over the skin of readers.

Dr. J has completed writing the first four chapters. However, the entire plot and script of the project as well as the outline is all done and sewn up. The story has been circulated and shared among friends and relatives for review and the reports have been extremely encouraging.

The Myth of the Gaia is all about real science and does not involve fantasy or magic. The story is pure science and has no shooting, killing or fantasy. Every incident is based on real science and is more exciting and magical than any science. Of course, the story has conflict but the story is focused on science and is free of violence.

The book also has elements of mystery, discovery, history, psychology, puzzle solving, daring, heroism, technology, fear, courage, ambition, anxiety, romance, deception, loyalty and adventure. The story also takes a look back on the roots and what influence the actions of people do today can have on the future, even 2000 generations from today.

The Kickstarter campaign by Dr. J has a financial goal of CA$ 50,000. The deadline for meeting this goal is 2 December, 2017.

About The Myth of Gaia:

The Myth of Gaia is a project by scientist and researcher, Dr. J. It covers the story of mankind in 50,000 years. The future mankind believes that the fact that they came from a planet called Gaia is a myth. A historian and his daughter are set on an incredible adventure to find out about the truth of their real origins.

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