Water Softener Gurus Releases Reviews of the Newest Water Softeners for 2017

Hard water can have negative effects on both household appliances and the human body. Homeowners can save money on pipe cleaning and appliance repairs in the long run by investing in a water softener. Water Softener Gurus has recently posted reviews of the best water softeners available for 2017 in order to help guide buyers in choosing the best softener for their homes.

Sevierville, TN – Approximately 80% of residents in the US use hard water in their homes. Hard water contains an increased percentage of metal ions, like magnesium and calcium, which changes the structure of the water. Hard water is completely natural in the US, as most of the country’s soil is above an ancient sea floor with a high concentration of limestone. Unfortunately, the metal ions in hard water can not only cause buildup in pipes and appliances, but can cause additional problems for a person’s health. Water Softener Gurus provides detailed reviews of the latest water softeners on the market in order to help guide homeowners into making the best purchase for their homes.

“In addition to being better for your health, having softer water can be beneficial to your wallet,” says company owner, John Long. “At Water Softener Guru, we want to help homeowners learn about the benefits and features of the latest water softeners on the market in order to help them choose the right one for their home. Buying the right softener can cut down on the amount of washing powder and soap that you use, preserve your pipes and water fixtures, and even cut down on your annual home energy costs. Each product that we review must meet certain requirements in order to make sure that every softener listed on our website is affordable, efficient, accessible, and useful.”

Water Softener Guru updates their website regularly in order to provide readers with the latest review information for water softener systems and filters. The company grades and reviews all softener products based on price, size, and features. The idea behind Water Softener Gurus is not only to provide reviews that prevent buyers from overpaying on softeners, but to provide additional information about the dangers of hard water, how water softeners work, and how to keep a home water softener clean (https://www.watersoftenergurus.com/cleaning-guide-water-softener/).

The minerals in hard water can cause buildup in pipes and appliances, known as scale. Because these mineral ions change the boiling point of water, they can cause appliances such as washers and water heaters to work less effectively, increasing overall costs. This chemical change can also lead to using more soap and detergent when washing hair or clothing. Water Softener Gurus provides even more information about the benefits of softer water from their blog (https://www.watersoftenergurus.com/blog/).

Water Softener Gurus is located at 103 Bruce St. in Sevierville, Tennessee (37862). The company can be reached by phone at (615) 259-1389.

To learn more about the latest water softener products available, visit https://www.watersoftenergurus.com/.

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