Haha Gifts Limited Launches a range of funny Christmas gifts Crowdfunding Campaign at Indiegogo

October 26th, 2017 – With Christmas just few weeks away, people are thinking of the types of gifts to give to their loved one. One company, Haha Gifts Limited is already on the line, providing merry makers with Christmas gifts that will make this year’s festive season special. Haha Gifts Limited, as Brett Ashmore the company spokesperson says, is the ‘Bad Santa’ and is working overtime on the funny Christmas gifts to ensure that people do not give boring gifts. “We are fighting back against dull and boring gifts, we have a wide range of funny gifts, all for the purposes of making the Christmas season enjoyable and funny,” said Brett while outlining the kind of gifts they have this season.

To help Haha Gifts Limited deliver the funny gifts, the company is appealing for backing. The company is requesting all those interested in giving or receiving funny Christmas gifts to pledge some money towards the cause. Haha Gifts Limited needs money to produce a professional production run of all the funny gifts. With the backing, Ashmore says that Haha Gifts Limited can get the funny gifts to more people and put a smile on their faces during this festive season. To realize this goal Haha Gifts Limited has launched a crowd funding campaign at Indieogogo. In the crowd funding campaign, the company is appealing for people to back the project and help raise $20,000. The amount, according to Ashmore will help in mass production of the funny Christmas gifts and put smiles on people’s faces.

Brett Ashmore says that he has always loved the idea of Secret Santa gifts and he has put lots of smiles on peoples’ faces.  It is out of this fun that his friends urged him to launch his range of funny gifts to the world. With that, the company was born and now he wants to spread the joy far and wide increasing the number of people who receive the funny Christmas gifts. Through the pledges, Ashmore says that the dream will be realized.

For more information visit: https://igg.me/at/haha-gifts/x

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