How a Pregnant Mom Built Her E-Commerce Startup Empire

Vandita Joshi Has Become a Symbol of Success & She is Inspiring The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs Worldwide

October 26, 2017 – Vandita Joshi is an inspiring entrepreneur, a proud mother of two and a devoted wife, who has become a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. She is now a symbol of success, but her story is full of many ups and downs, which is a lesson for all the women who want to make a name for themselves. She started her entrepreneurial journey two years ago and it was born with a simple idea. Moreover, her journey started with a major sacrifice of quitting a six figure income with a big corporate bank, and the rest is history.

“Quitting my job was a turning point in my life, but time proved that it was one of the best decisions I ever made,” said Vandita Joshi, while talking about her entrepreneurial journey and how it all began. “After the collapse of my first business within six months of its launch, I was devastated and to make things more complicated, I was pregnant with my second child,” she added. According to Vandita, her biggest inspiration in business was her own father and despite her pregnancy, she never gave up and started her second project.

In her 4th month of pregnancy, she started her second venture called and she was able to establish it successfully on several e-commerce portals. Within a year, Bodymate Pro started to generate a clocking revenue of $60K+ per month and the numbers are only rising. Recently, the serial entrepreneur has announced plans for her next venture, which will be a patented baby related brand. She is planning to seek community support for this venture via Kickstarter and she will be welcoming generous support from parents worldwide.

In addition, Vandita also regularly shares great and inspiring ideas with the aspiring entrepreneurs. Both men and women rising in the industry have been influenced by her success and she believes in tapping into the market instead of creating one. One of her secret to success is the realization of how important time is. Moreover, she also believes in strong market research and quality customers’ services at all times. She continues to inspire moms around the world and is helping them in getting where they want to be.

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