CF+D Launches a New Standard for Fireplace Design

CF+D, Custom Fireplace Design, a North American company specialized in creating premium and innovative fireplaces, is pleased to announce a new line of fireplaces designed to fit modern architectural trends, as well as the demand for unique home, institutional, and business projects. The custom built-in, Vita, and Focus Fireplace lines offer unconventional, yet practical and classy fireplace designs for all three types of fireplaces: hanging, wall-mounted, and built-in.

CF+D has a 25-year rich tradition in the creative design of fireplaces, setting new standards and trends for the entire industry. Closely associated with the North American Design & Architecture

Community, CF+D not only tracks the developing architectural trends but also influences the course of these trends with their original and aesthetically advanced fireplace designs. If you have traveled anywhere in North America, you have likely seen CF+D fireplace installations in hotel lobbies, governmental facilities, upper-class shopping centers, institutional facilities, university lounges, and private residences. Whatever environment it may be, CF+D fireplaces enrich the space with their modern elegance.

In order for the fireplace to optimally fit into any environment, only custom projects will suffice, and Custom Fireplace Design is all about customization. To that effect, they rely heavily on 3D CAD rendering for the most accurate visualization and production cost reduction. Once the computer models are finished to the last detail, their skilled engineers take over to start the fabrication process, no matter the type and size of the fireplace installation: vapor-fire, wood-burning, gas, bio-ethanol, or outdoors. The entire process leaves no margin for error, which is how they have achieved such a high level of quality, creativity, and innovation.

The focus of the Vita lineup of fireplaces is the Vapor-Fire burner technology – ultrasonic waves manipulating the tap water as a fuel source in order to create a realistic and enchanting flame. It is the perfect solution for anyone seeking eco-friendly and a no-fuss fireplace. The Vita Vapor-Fire system produces no harmful emissions or particles, which makes it a perfect fit for any space where safety and low maintenance is of the primary concern.

Both vertical and horizontal, the neo focus built in fireplace captivates attention, while the built-in efficiency of the design leaves plenty of open space to entertain your guests. On the other hand, the free-standing meta focus fireplace upgrades your environment with striking splendor by employing polished or rusted steel, meticulously sculpted facade, which can only be found in the most premium of enclosures. Every built-in fireplace is amenable to complete customization, both in dimensions and in the design itself.

However, the hanging fireplace is a pure work of art, inspired by the French sculptor Dominique Imbert who created the first suspended fireplace with the ability for a full 360 degrees pivot. Therefore, you would not be surprised to find Focus fireplaces in art galleries, spanning from Marseille to Tokyo.

About Custom Fireplace Design

Founded by Vince Volpe in Canada, CF+D transitioned from a modest fireplace dealer to a trend-setter in the fireplace design industry. CF+D has managed to continually grow and fortify their sterling reputation as a premium purveyor of innovative, creative, and cost-productive fireplace designs, for both commercial and residential purposes.

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