Inchallapeace, the Peace Messenger Fashion Project

The majority of Muslims embrace the core concepts of peace, love and acceptance. Unfortunately, in the recent years, Islam has often been associated with the acts of terrorists who do not represent this religion.

In order to help convey messages of peace and tolerance to the world, Inchallapeace was founded by a Muslim lady living in Geneva, Switzerland, the world capital of peace. She is a fellow of the “NotInMyName” movement of which goal is to demonstrate that most Muslims are committed to living in peace and harmony. 

Inchallapeace utilizes modern jewelry and accessories that were designed by designers from all origins and religions. These designs employ the most popular design elements, latest trends and 3D printing. Along with each product sold, there is a message of peace included. Other causes may also be added in future product offerings. A portion of the funds from these sales will go to the UNESCO campaign to promote peace and education around the world.

The first product sponsored by Inchallapeace is the “Allah Dove of Peace” which is a finely crafted piece of jewelry which integrates the word “Allah” with the universal symbol of peace, the dove. These jewelry are 3D printed by one of the best specialized firms in the USA. These beautiful designs come in a variety of colors and may be worn as a necklace, bracelet or pin. The “Allah Dove of Peace” is ready now to be manufactured.

The real Muslims need different means to be able to spread their messages of peace and tolerance in order to act against the barbarism. Inchallapeace is a non-political and trendy way to do so. Help them with your support.

Inchallapeace is confident that its products and social causes will appeal to consumers around the world, but this movement needs your support to begin. The initial manufacturing run and promotional campaign will require €55,000. These funds will be used to produce the initial pieces of “Allah Dove of Peace”, create an online storefront, promote the products, and distribute the jewelry.  In return for your generous support, you may receive valuable perks like Inchallapeace postcards, jewelry, or meetings with the Inchallapeace team.

To learn more about Inchallapeace or to make a financial pledge to this important project, please visit

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