Serentrip – Travel Buddy & Locals Lets Travelers Find Local Friends or Travel Companions Easily

A free app, Serentrip – Travel Buddy & Locals allows travelers to easily find local friends or travel companions.

October 27, 2017 – Variety being the spice of life, it comes as no wonder why so many people are bitten by the travel bug. However, finding travel mates with the same itinerary and spending time with them seems to be a difficult task. A mobile app, Serentrip – Travel Buddy & Locals has been designed for travelers who wish to find locals or travel mate based on their location and dates. The app has been developed by Serentrip, with founding members Sangsoo Soul Kim (CEO), KyoungTae Ricky Park (CTO), Ingeol Aiden Song (CDO).

The app was created in 2015 out of curiosity, when its founders quit full time jobs to turn full-time travelers. They headed to south-east Asia and wished to hitch up with fellow travelers during their trips, but could not find an easy way to do so. Even when they came across a traveler, they found most trippers to have a varied preference. It was tough to find an appropriate travel companion who was ready to spend time in their company. Thus, they created the Serentrip – Travel Buddy & Locals, the travel app to find travelers with the same preferences as them. They put in hours of hard work to develop the app and turn it into a practical solution for travelers. Within a year, it hit the top spot in Korea.

Presently, the app to find travel buddy is available in 16 varied languages and covers over 7000 cities in South-East Asia as well as across the globe. The app has services like writing travel notes and chatting added to it. Now, there are 1,500,000 users of Serentrip – Travel Buddy & Locals. About 8,000,000 travelers from around the world were matched using this app until now!

The CEO of Serentrip – Travel Buddy & Locals, Sangsoo Soul Kim, said that they will stay focused on online promotion to bring in more users. They also want to pamper users who met travel buddy or local friends using this app with gifts and perks like discount vouchers. One of the top advantages of Serentrip – Travel Buddy & Locals is travelers can find their travel buddies or locals real-time, by just registering and putting in their destination and date.

In its early days, the app started off as a Korean local companion. In February, 2016, the founders managed to get angel investment for the app. Since early 2017, it has been extended to include the entire planet. For people who love traveling and are connected to the digital world with their smartphones, this mobile app can be a very convenient way to find like-minded trip buddy or local friend without a lot of hassles.

It can be downloaded free of cost for the iOS or Android platform from Those who wish to discuss about the app can talk to Jung-eun Summer Cho, who is the Brand Evangelist of Serentrip – Travel Buddy & Locals.

About Serentrip – Travel Buddy & Locals:

Serentrip – Travel Buddy & Locals is the developer of the travel buddy app Serentrip, which can help travelers find each other regardless of profession, gender, religion and race. It is meant for those who wish to form a global traveling network while making trips.

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