Borderless – new exchange from Malta enabling instant payments and listing of digital assets to launch by month-end

Cryptocurrency keeps attracting worldwide attention as the price of Bitcoin is soaring. Various countries are showing different attitudes towards digital currencies however the international market for them seems to keep growing from strength to strength. Certain governments are moving quickly to legislate this space and we are witnessing the new trend of a global market economy being staged.

According to industry sources, Maltese exchange Borderless is due to launch by the end of the month. Borderless will be listing BTC/ETH, in addition to supporting BDS/BTC and BDS/ETH among a range of other pairs. It will also adopt a digital currency acceptance model, allowing the implementation of various digital currencies to pair with the dollar, euro and Japanese yen. It’s expected that Borderless will offer multicurrency free exchange services.

Some people understand that Borderless has established some degree of cooperation with Bitmalta, a cryptocurrency consulting non-profit organization. The use-case that Borderless aims to fulfill is a decentralized exchange allowing the listing of private digital assets, upon a certificate being granted. It aims to offer users a platform to trade through a secure and straightforward app, to be made available on Android, iOS and Windows.

It appears that Borderless is staying true to blockchain fundamental values by applying a decentralized model in their approach to providing a secure global trading platform. It has been reported that Borderless uses a key and multi signature wallet to ensure the safety of funds. The platform also provides matchmaking services for users in order to enhance the efficiency of payments and transactions. The team is promising to deliver a secure and stable platform with 24/7 uptime post-launch.

According to an official statement from the team, they aim to provide users with a ‘’comprehensive list of digital currencies using blockchain and other technologies, and services including digital asset trading, digital currency wallet and block chain technology applications.’’

Borderless stated that the platform and website are currently in beta stage undergoing internal testing and are due to be formally launched in the near future. Stay tuned!

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