Maintenworks announces the launch of its CMMS product

Enterprise Asset Management software solutions provider, Maintenworks, announces the launch of its CMMS Software for Windows operating systems

Maintenworks has announced the launch of its CMMS product designed for Windows operating systems. CMMS is the Computerized Maintenance Management System that allows users of computers and other such devices to effectively manage their assets effectively, ensuring that lapses do not occur and sudden breakdowns are avoided as much as possible.

The maintenance data is stored on a system, this ensures that a proactive process can be done rather than the traditional reactive maintenance. Preventive maintenance used to be uncommon and somewhat unrealistic due to the mode of keeping the maintenance records of assets. However, CMMS came into prominence in the early nineties and companies began to move from the pencil and paper system to the modern technology. This ensured easy tracking of work orders, quick generation of accurate reports, and instant determination of assets that required preventive maintenance.

However, with such developments came challenges, which businesses have been trying to overcome since the emergence of CMMS as a management system. Although some businesses seem to be somewhat ignorant of the system, especially when it comes to the mode of operations, others have struggled meeting up with the relatively high cost of acquiring the system and operating it. Subsequently, businesses have had to drop this system to either opt for the pencil and paper system or less sophisticated and somewhat cheaper options.

Maintenworks in a bid to help businesses leverage on technological advancements and most especially, the Computerized Maintenance Management System is otherwise known as CMMS has announced the launch of its software for computer systems operating on Windows. The system is not only designed to ensure business from this development but also ensures that businesses do not have to break the bank to do this.

The service is affordably priced to ensure that every business regardless of nature, size or budget can automate their maintenance process and get more from their business. With Maintenworks, comes CMMS with different unique features and services that stand it out from the competition.

Maintenworks allows users to save all the important information about assets that include Asset data, Spare parts, Suppliers, Preventive maintenance and Workers amongst others. Users are also able to set daily usage for every asset, with Maintenwork scheduling preventive maintenance by calculating the exact date to act, and subsequently, prevent impending failures.

Maintenworks is compliant to ISO 55001 standard and is offering interested persons and businesses to try the system for free, an offer that is second to none in the industry.

About Maintenworks

Maintenworks is an ISO 55001 standard compliant Enterprise Asset Management and Computerized Maintenance Management System software solutions provider. The company is reputed for its affordable yet quality service delivery with premium features.

The company recently announced the launch of its CMMS for all kinds and sizes of businesses to enjoy the amazing features of the service.

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