Om Gallery presents handmade lighting and home decor items made by artisans around the world

For more than 16 years Om Gallery has built relationships around the world to create a line of lamps, lanterns and home decor products that are unique, authentic and exceptional in nature. The company works with family industries in Asia and around the world to bring home decor items that carry the essence of cultures and traditions. “As a company, we are about moving forward the cause of fair trade and economic sustainability while generating creativity in the manufacturing sector. We ultimately illustrate this through our eclectic and unique designs”, – Om Gallery.

Every item in the Om Gallery is handmade by one of their several families of cobblers, tailors, lantern makers and lamp makers. One of the popular items in the store are Om Starlights that come in a variety of colors and patterns and instantly pumps up the aura of any living space. Another item to look for in the store is the Baby blooming Lotus Lamp which is a lotus-shaped lamp available in multiple colors. The blooming lotus is said to represent the individual progress towards enlightenment which is why Om gallery has taken this ancient symbol of harmony to turn it into a gorgeous silk hanging lamp.

Under the decor and garden category, the customers can find different variations of Buddha statue, Candle Holder Stone Shade, Crystal Salt Lamp, Beach Pebble and Driftwood Garlands, Bronze Buddha necklace, 7” Buddha singing bowl and many other products. Most of the products featured at Om gallery reflect spiritualism, enlightenment, and inner peace. These products are pleasant to look at and create a positive aura in and around the house.

The customers can also find the Himalayan rock salt lamp that emits negative ions which work like natural ionizers to keep the air clean. The negative ions attach themselves to dust, mold, pollen, fungus and other bad odors to purify the air and in turn, benefit the respiratory health. Salt lamps are also known to minimize the positive ions emitted from electronic devices creating an overall healthy environment. The customers can also look for a variety of Sky lanterns and other paper made lanterns in various colors and styles.

Om Gallery maintains a friendly relationship with all its partners that helps them to mutually benefit from each other. They provide designs to the partners and mutually decide a cost for the same after which, the artisans get to work and deliver a product that is truly unique and authentic in nature.

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