“The Feral-coin community offers another life-changing opportunity to mold and redefine your future”

Canberra, Australia – Feral-coin, set to launch in October 2017, will provide its users with a single currency capable of being used across borders with ease and convenience. With existing members From More Than 45 Countries, Secured paymentscan be processed by anyone with affordable computer hardware using an open source platform.

Feral coin is a new but secure cryptocurrency which will be a permanent alternative to making payment for goods and services, purchasing clothing and apparel, food and drinks, or even booking a flight abroad with ease.  Feral-coin uses an innovative proof of stake technology to maintain its system, providing the most secured networks to make fast online transactions.

Feral coin is an independent digital asset that offers a secured peer to peer decentralized network owned by all community members. Feral coin offers fast, global and secure Payments with near zero payment fees. It will help to reduce the incessant burden of middlemen such as banks, currency exchangers, and travel agencies which pass on the cost of business to the customer. Feral-coin as an independent digital asset makes it  more accessible for allconsumers to keep more money in their pocket with a secure storage in a wallet on user’s computer, tablet, phone or laptop.

For the user benefit and convenience, Feral coin is embarking on projects that include; Launching Feral coin on Exchangers such as Nova Exchange and Bittrex Exchange, the innovation of the Feral wallet, which enables storage and spending of coins on booking flight tickets, movie tickets, Hotels, and enabling transfer to bank accounts. It also features the creation of payment gateway solutions for the venders or merchants to accept cryptocurrency on their online store, a Feral debit card to enable the withdrawal of cash or spending money from your Feral wallet with ATM/Debit Card, and also the setting up of machinery plant for various cryptocurrency mining.” said John Wilson

As the world is turning in favor of cryptocurrency, Feral coin is the new coin that will create history like bitcoin. Users and Investors can now seize the rare opportunity to define the way money is spent and stored anywhere in the world. Also, Feral coin has a joining package for the benefit of the users and this ranges from $50 to $10,000, direct income, level income and team bonus compensation, with an outstanding daily growth of 0.5% to 2% till 365 days, a token rate of 0.015USD per token and a 24/7 online support making it super convenient and much faster in comparison with other cryptocurrencies. With FERALCOIN, investors can make more than 1000% return on investment.

For information and updates, visit www.feralcoin.org, or email

For investment and coin purchase, visit www.feralcoin.com

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