Iqra Labs launches the musical instruments game on Google Play store and iTunes

Iqra labs has announced the launch of their brand new musical instruments name titled, the amazing musical game on Google Play store and iTunes. The app available for both Android and iOS users allows the user to play and learn the sounds of various musical instruments. Additionally, the user will be learning these musical instruments through cute animal animations. It’s a fun and educational app that enables the user to learn more about the musical instruments in an entertaining manner.

The app is created for kids of all age groups and helps them in developing their interest in music. The parents can use this app to teach their kids about various musical instruments and the sounds produced by them. Using this app, the user can see vibrant musical performances of the cute animals playing musical instruments such as piano, drums, and xylophone. Despite being targeted to kids, the app can be enjoyed by anyone who loves music. Along with the kids, the parents can also have fun using this app by listening to the amazing sounds produced by the animals playing musical instruments.

The app has received good reviews from the users so far. “It’s best baby musical instruments that cover baby piano along with awesome drum kits and awesome baby learning sounds. Thanks, developer to make such an awesome app”, says one of the users on Google Play while another one mentions, “It’s best musical instruments game for kids. My 2 years daughter loves to play each bit of this wonderful game. I must say this one is the best game for kids. Thanks, developers”.

Kids love watching cartoons and this game features cute animal cartoons who are playing musical instruments. It will not only keep the kids and other users entertained for long hours but also help them understand and learn about the musical instruments. It’s an informational and fun musical instruments app that comes with HD graphics and creative artwork. It’s also a light and neat music playing app that enables the user to relax and spend their free time listening and learning about musical instruments.

The app can be downloaded for free at Google Play store and iTunes.

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