Chris Levine Bulks Up, Wins Best Actor at Orlando Film Festival for Anabolic Life

Los Angeles, CA – October 30, 2017 – Anabolic Life traces the journey of a young man played by actor Chris Levine, who took anabolic steroids to get over 200lbs in less than four months. His towering performance has now won him the Best Actor award at the Orlando Film Festival. For the fans, Anabolic Life will be digitally available on iTunes, Amazon and other video on demand platforms on December 5, 2017.

Chris Levine not only played the lead role in Anabolic Life, but also produced and wrote the script. Despite a hectic work life, he went through two body transformations, and under medical supervision, went from 135lbs to over 200lbs in just over four months. In the movie, he plays Adam who is battling body image, and drifts into the world of steroids, crime and self destruction. The movie is directed by Landon Williams, and is now being distributed by Gravitas Ventures.

“I’m also currently working on a psychological thrillerhorror feature and a documentary on my journey to create ‘Anabolic Life’, which is based on my early 20’s and my struggles with steroid abuse,” says Chris.

Born in Hollywood, Florida, Chris is an actor and producer, and has earlier acted in the upcoming comedy ‘I Hate Kids’ and has produced and starred in multiple award winning short films, including a transgender short film that has over 50k views and 2 web series currently available on YouTube under his channel, “DirectorofHorror” an homage to his favorite genre.

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