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Love This Kitchen® launches their latest product with a 20% discount

October 30, 2017 The Ultimate Pizza Rocker Cutter is now available for sale on It features an incredibly sharp blade meant to last and a comfortable plastic handle for easy use. Love This Kitchen® also created a superior blade cover, a one of a kind protector that makes storing your cutter safer and helps its sharpness last longer. The Ultimate Pizza Rocker Cutter is made from great quality stainless steel that will perform greatly for a long time.

Launched on Sunday, October 29, 2017, this product will have a special sale price and an additional 20% discount until Sunday, November 5, 2017, and buyers can use the code PZCUTTER at checkout to claim it.

The Ultimate Pizza Rocker Cutter is sold exclusively by Love This Kitchen®. This company seeks to create a brand that would set itself apart from conventional kitchen tools; it is known for its credibility and forerunning in kitchen and cookware products. According to its mission statement, “We take everyday tools and redesign them to make them better, functional and more stylish to turn your time in the kitchen into a more enjoyable experience. By picking the best materials and following extensive quality control procedures, we create top of the line products, practical kitchen helpers that are made to last.”

In a statement, the CEO of the Company. William Felce says “The Ultimate Rectangular Pizza Stone is manufactured to create great moments between family and friends, gathered around restaurant quality pizzas made from the comfort of home. Make pizza night a family tradition, or become the master of pizzas among your friends with this handy tool. It is also great for baking bread, cookies or flatbread, so its versatility will definitely come in handy.”

For more information and to place your order, see this product on Amazon.

To see this brand’s entire catalogue on Amazon, you can visit their storefront.

The Ultimate Pizza Rocker Cutter is 14”, which makes it ideal to cut large pizzas quickly and easily. And it’s just not for pizza! You can use it to shred lettuce, chop fruits, dice cold meats and even make homemade croutons.

Its retail price is $29.99, but they are currently offered at $14.99; minus the additional 20% launch special discount, you can purchase The Ultimate Pizza Rocker Cutter at the incredibly low price of $11.99 until November 5, 2017.

Love This Kitchen offers a limited lifetime guarantee for The Ultimate Pizza Rocker Cutter.

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