Vlad Strizheus who is also popularly known among his techy friends as ‘Cyber Vlad,’ is an internet marketer, blogger, mentor and online entrepreneur.

Vlad Strizheus is championing an idea known as ‘Four Percent.’ The Four Percent idea is aimed at making as many people as possible to become wealthy through the opportunities available on the internet, especially with regards to affiliate marketing.

The Four Percent idea which originated from the popular ‘Pareto Principle,’ makes mention of the fact that 4 out of 100 people would likely succeed in that which they set out to do.

Therefore, Vick Strizheus, in his kind approach of helping humanity, has chosen to establish the Four Percent online education company. The education company is concerned about providing world-class training on subjects such as; Internet marketing strategies, Traffic generation strategies, Instagram traffic mastery (ITM), E-commerce training, Search engine optimization, What’s working now, List building strategies and many more that would be thought to as many that take hold of the learning opportunity.

Also, as part of the benefits provided by Four Percent, partners can earn as much as 50% commission on the promotion of products made available by Four Percent. A link for affiliate marketing would be available for the promotion of products from Four Percent website and other famous websites.

The most important benefit that is made available to everyone interested in Four Percent is the Multiple Streams of Income (MSI) that is established after the required training with Four Percent.

The period of relying solely on a 9 to 5 paycheck is over, join the selected Four Percent and enjoy the benefits of multiple streams of income provided by Vick Strizheus and his partner Vlad Strizheus.

More information about Four Percent can be obtained from this link below:

Four Percent – The #1 Platform for Online Entrepreneurs

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