Marshall Service “Big Enough to Handle Everyone’s Needs and Small Enough to Still Care”

Marshall Service Owner, Glenn Dickey Jr.
Marshall Service of Southeast Pennsylvania takes great pride in being a sought-after 72 year old, family owned local company and would like to thank their customers and community for voting them “Best of Montgomery County” for three consecutive years.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Schwenksville, PA – One of the complaints leveled at big businesses today is their lack of caring and customer service. Businesses that grow beyond their initial customer base will often begin looking for ways to cut corners, and, as many people find out when on hold for twenty minutes, those corners cut are usually on the customer service end. Respected companies like Marshall Service know that their business is dependent upon customers who are happy enough with their service to provide them with repeat business and refer them to their neighbors. Owner Glenn Dickey Jr. believes that their success is because they are a company that is “big enough to handle everyone’s needs and small enough to still care.”

“We’re a family-owned company with decades of experience contained in our team of employees,” says Dickey. “Marshall Service is known for providing top quality work in our area, but I think what keeps us going year after year is that we know this region. We live in Southeastern Pennsylvania and we know what the people here are looking for in a company and work to provide it.”

Marshall Service is a multi-service company that provides heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical services and heating oil delivery. Their goal is to provide a consistency of care for their customers so that they have one single company they can go to with questions or needs. According to Dickey, it is all about creating trust. Whether it is ensuring that their technicians are certified in their trade or the blog they keep on their website, Marshall Services intends to inform and reassure their customers so that they always feel they received the best value for their dollar.

“Anytime we spend money we want to believe we got the most value out of that dollar,” says Dickey. “We also want to believe it was our decision, that we’re not forced or coerced into something. As a business owner, I try to think like my customers and act in ways that I feel will serve them the best. For example, our blog post on heat pumps versus furnaces—we were trying to give them all of the details a customer would need to make an informed decision. That way each customer has enough information to make an informed decision.”

He explains that a lot of their work is seasonal and their job may include working with affiliates in order to get their customer the service they need. During fall and winter, a home may require both tree trimming and furnace maintenance, and Marshalls will often suggest trusted affiliates to do the necessary yard and tree work.  According to Dickey it is all about helping his customers find what they truly need even if it’s not Marshall’s. “It’s all about trust,” he explains. “I may lose a sale this time, but I’ll retain our relationship and serve each customer at the highest level with the greatest value.”

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