Chris Howard Starts Fund Raising Campaign On Kickstarter For Commercial Manufacturing of Quickguard Bicycle Mudguard

Chris Howard announces Kickstarter campaign to fund project full length bicycle mudguard called Quickguard.

Chris Howard, a cyclist enthusiast and a person obsessed with cycling, has started campaign on Kickstarter to fund the first full length bicycle mudguard. Quickguard is a fully adjustable mudguard that offers the ease and convenience of shorter quick release style mudguards.

“We are happy to introduce to the market, this uniquely designed mudguard that is as convenient to use as the conventional short clip-on style mudguards,” says Chris Howard. “It can obliterate the need to buy separate rear and front mudguard as Quickguard can fit both ends. You will find it easy to install and remove the mudguard, thus sparing you time and effort.”

As the first full length and fully adjustable bicycle mudguard, the Quickguard is the first ever full length adjustable bicycle mudguard available. It has been uniquely designed to not touch the bicycle frame. The clip-on style mudguards are easy to fit and remove. The only part touching the frame is the part of the dropout which holds the skewer nut. There is zero risk of your paintwork or carbon getting damaged during rides as no brackets or rubber rings are used for fixing the mudguard.

According to Chris Howard, Quickguard can be conveniently mounted from one side of the bike by using lightweight but sturdy Aluminium stays. A lot of research and time has gone into designing Quickguard which has been created for committed and passionate cyclists. No tools are needed to either fix or remove Quickguard. It can be done quickly and effortlessly in just a few seconds.

Quickguard is a must-have for cyclists using their bike in wet conditions. While cycling in the rain, water coming in the form of up-spray from the wheels can make the rider wet and uncomfortable. This can make the ride risky and the rider may experience a high level of discomfort.

Water sprayed from the road is very cold and can soak the chamois of the bike. This can affect the buttock muscles and numb the leg when the biker is on the road for a long ride. The same problem can affect the feet of the rider as well as the spray from the road can make them feel numb. This can reduce the ability to put the power down. With Quickguard, this problem of rider getting wet from spraying of water from the road can be completely taken care of.

Quickguard is lightweight, weighing just 200 grams. It is engineered to fit on all bikes with 700c wheels. It will also fit any MTB with slim fitted tyres. As there are no loose parts on Quickguard, there will be no rattling sound like other mudguards.

The Kickstarter campaign started by Chris Howard and his team has a financial goal of AUD$30,000. The deadline for meeting the goal is 11 November, 2017.

About Quickguard:

Quickguard is an innovatively designed mudguard for bikes. Passionate biker, Chris Howard has designed this first full length, fully adjustable mudguard that can be fitted and removed easily and offers the convenience of shorter quick release style mudguards. It can be fitted on both rear and front wheels and attaches to the wheel not the frame of the cycle.

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