Eileen Harrison Starts Campaign On Indiegogo To Fund The GOLFER and URBAN gBikes Project

Eileen Harrison makes use of the Indiegogo platform to fund project GOLFER and URBAN gBikes.

Eileen Harrison, founder and CEO of gBikes has announced that the fund raising campaign is on and running on Indiegogo for the project Golfer and Urban gBikes. The innovative and exciting GOLFER gBikes have been created for those who are passionate about golf and e-bikes.

“The GOLFER gBikes are designed to meet all your needs while on the golf course and can be your personal leisure e-bike off it,” says Eileen Harrison while explaining the features of the GOLFER gBikes. “We are proud to announce that the gBikes are not mass produced but manufactured and assembled in small batches in the United States. It offers a high level of convenience as you can simply strap your golf bag onto the carrier of the GOLFER without having to handle the clubs individually.”

The GOLFER is a custom designed e-bike that can meet the challenges of a golf course. It makes use of a powerful electric mid motor engine that can be used either as a pedal-assist or in full electrical mode. The GOLFER can be used even by those who are not exactly golf enthusiasts. They can enjoy the URBAN model.

According to Eileen Harrison, the fact that they are making these bikes in small batches will ensure that the e-bike of every user will receive the deserving personal attention. All bikes come with precision fabrication.

The company is committed to following efficient business practices that enables them to produce a product that’s high on quality and durability and is extremely sustainable too. The custom, true, step through all-black frames are specifically designed to perform flawlessly on the golf course and as a leisure bike off the course.

The GOLFER is powered by Bafang mid motor and provides all the power and convenience that golfers and bikers need at their fingertips. It can be removed easily from the frame by using a lock and key arrangement. There is no need to leave the battery on the frame while charging. The bike comes with a thumb throttle approved for US use for assisting pedal power. The bike can be electrically charged as well.

The front and rear disc bikes assure high control on the course and off it as well. Users can have a truly smooth riding experience thanks to the powerful front suspension. The bike is capable of delivering a traditional cycling experience on the golf course or that of an electric bike.

According to Eileen, the first batch of gBikes will be limited to only 100 numbers worldwide. They will continue to manufacture and sell the bike on demand for later batches.

The Indiegogo campaign launched by the company has a fixed financial goal of $300,000 and the deadline is one month away.

About GOLFER and URBAN gBikes:

The creatively designed gBikes are ideal for use on golf courses by golf enthusiasts and off the course for those who are passionate about riding e-bikes. The brainchild of Eileen Harrison, the e-bikes are batch-manufactured, and hence have an uncompromising approach to quality, durability and performance. The GOLFER makes use of a powerful electric mid-motor engine, ready for use in pedal-assist or fully electrical mode.


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