Haunted House Creator, the New App for a Tech Inspired Halloween, Now Available on App Store

ANN ARBOR, MI – 10/27/2017 — This Halloween, the tech smart guys will be able to spook everyone around them with a new app, Haunted House Creator. Available on the App Store, the new app takes advantage of the augmented reality features available in iOS 11, and turns any house into a haunted house, of the kind that nightmares are made of.

Augmented reality has found many uses in the industry, but this one will bring a smile, or a scare, on anyone’s face. The app allows users to place triggers making creatures jump out, chase, attack, scream, or frighten from a distance. The new update has also introduced another nightmarish creature, the Floating Head.

“As the player walks through your creation, creatures jump out and scare. This should have a fun spooky tone for Halloween,” said Ian Natzmer, lead developer. To create the effect, the player selects a creature, places a trigger on the ground, and assigns a behavior for the creature.

Among the effects made possible by the app, there is Chase and Attack, in which the ghost or spirit appears and chases and then attacks the player before disappearing. In Watch and Flee, the spooky object appears, moves towards the player, stands still and watches. If the player approaches it and gets too close, the object turns away and runs. Another fun effect is the one second appearance, where the ghost or spooky thing appears when a player steps up or activates a trigger. The object then appears for a split second.

“Creatures have a variety of behaviors including lurking, chasing, attacking, and popping out for a quick scare. You can place decorations to help set the mood. Scare your friends by filling your house with haunted creatures and decorations in Augmented Reality!” said Ian Natzmer.

Haunted House Creator is now on sale for a limited amount of time on the Apple App Store.

For more information, please visit: http://www.hauntedhousecreator.com

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/appName/id1294154054?mt=8


Media Contact
Company Name: Odeum Reality
Contact Person: Ian Natzmer
Phone: (734) 531-8223
Country: United States
Website: www.hauntedhousecreator.com