GamesLike Reduces Confusion in Selecting Similar Titles

Finding new games is no longer a confusing act when using GamesLike’s new website.

LOS ANGELES, CA – 10/27/2017 — Discovering new games based on titles of interest can be overwhelming as there is a plethora of titles available, or coming soon. was created with the intent of removing that confusion when selecting a new title, either by parents or the gamer themselves.

Created to help find new, similar, games across many of today’s leading platforms, GamesLike focuses on delivering information on similar titles based on many criteria – not just a game title. Titles are hand selected based on genre, style, gameplay, and characters among many other criteria.

GamesLike currently supports games on PC (Windows), Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple’s iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Google’s Android platform. Considering there are hundreds of games released for these platforms each quarter confusion can set in quickly for gamers, and those giving games as gifts, when making a purchase decision.

While there are rating aggregation services available, those sites only focus on one part of the equation for purchasing a new game. The score. GamesLike goes much deeper by focusing on more than just the score. Genre, overall topic, platform, gameplay elements, etc are all taken into consideration when compiling the lists of similar titles. Not all gamers are sports fans or want to shoot zombies so don’t waste time with game genres that result in returns to the store.

Using the GamesLike website is as simply as picking an already created list of similar titles based on a current blockbuster, AAA title, or searching for your desired title. The search function will bring up lists the desired title appears in, if available, giving readers many suggestions of similar titles.

GamesLike saves time, money, and effort for both fans and those buying game gifts for friends and family. Visit the website and expand your gaming world with similar titles.

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