The Wandsworth Preschool Aims to Achieve Excellence in Their Students

LONDON, UK—Those who have children understand how crucial early childhood is for development. With their minds at this age being highly malleable, it is important to instill interpersonal skills, as well as the fundamentals of education in a child beginning at preschool age.  A preschool program that focuses on these aspects, in addition to allowing the children to be expressive and enjoy themselves is sometimes difficult to find, but parents who live in the Wandsworth neighbourhood of London need look no further than The Wandsworth Preschool to find a school that will enrich and care for their children.

One of the tactics that practitioners at The Wandsworth Preschool use is that they do not talk down to children. When children are spoken to as equals and not with “baby talk,” it is proven that their developmental growth is faster than those who are not spoken to as equals. This facilitates better learning and understanding in preschool age children. With an Outstanding grade from Ofsted, it is recognized that The Wandsworth Preschool is always expanding their capacity for excellence. They introduce children to complex subjects such as music, science, and technology starting at a young age. This early introduction promotes in each child a curiosity that only continues to grow well beyond preschool.

Employees at this nursery in Wandsworth have over 50 years of combined experience in early childhood education, which makes them perfectly equipped to introduce children to the world of education. The Wandsworth Preschool takes a much different approach to preschool education than their competitors. They view preschool as the building blocks of a child’s educational development, as well as being a good person. They focus on teaching children in the way that they learn best, and exposing them to subjects that enhance their critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

For young kids, it is absolutely crucial that they are exposed to an enriching environment that allows them to develop the life skills that they need to succeed. The Wandsworth Preschool does this and so much more by exposing them to subjects that they might not otherwise learn until later in grade school. The preschool also aims to educate children about self-confidence and safely expressing their needs. Their dedication to helping children learn and grow, not only educationally, but also as people, has proven that The Wandsworth Preschool is one of the best in London.


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