Users Can Build Balanced, Nutrient-Optimal Diets Without Synthetic Supplements

HENDERSON, NV – 10/30/2017 — Min Max Nutrition LLC today announced the worldwide release of its new online web application, the eponymous Min Max Nutrition, which works on desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers.

The application is a world-first, bringing the “theorycrafting” and “minmaxing” strategy of the role-play gaming community together with a data-driven approach to building an effective diet – one that eschews today’s popular, but ineffective synthetic supplements in favor of real food.

Rather than focus on diet philosophies, the application’s focus is simply to work as a streamlined aid for users who seek to provide their body with all the essential nutrients it needs to function at peak performance. In addition to optimized nutrient profiles, Min Max Nutrition also focuses on bioavailability – or the degree of nutrient absorption – that each food source offers.

“Min Max Nutrition makes it easier than ever to create a nutrient-dense diet from real food with high levels of all the essential nutrients the body cannot make itself. It also includes key conditionally essential nutrients, which the body can make, but are still important to supplement with a good diet.” said Frank Paterrov, founder and lead developer at Min Max Nutrition. “The fact it is data-driven makes it valuable to everyone. The accuracy of the data, combined with our proprietary algorithm, makes it incredibly easy to optimize a diet to meet general day-to-day nutritional needs – and it’s convenient because there is no guesswork.”

How Theorycrafting and Minmaxing Came to the Diet World

From the early days of Dungeons & Dragons to modern day role-playing games (RPGs), players have leveraged minmaxing and theorycraft (the mathematical analysis of game mechanics) to minimize their virtual world character’s weaknesses while maximizing their strengths.

Min Max Nutrition has adopted this scientific approach to diet and nutrition, gamifying the process while providing users with a list of foods. Known as the Power System, it rates food from the highest Min Max Power down to the lowest, and dynamically updates the list depending on the user’s previous selection. Users of the tool can then easily combine different foods to create an optimal diet working toward the general nutritional requirements of the program.

Min Max Nutrition Is Backed by Scientific Data

Min Max Nutrition places emphasis on nourishment from real food rather than synthetic supplements, and takes its nutrient data from databases which follow the standards outlined by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, among other peer-reviewed journals, is also a source of information for the bioavailability of the foods listed in Min Max Nutrition.

By combining the trend of gamification and smart living with cutting-edge technology and the latest scientific research, Min Max Nutrition offers its users one of the most advanced diet optimization solutions on the market. At the same time, the smart use of minmaxing and theorycraft makes it highly accessible for users, making it easy to optimize nutrient intake through real food.

“We understand that it’s a quagmire out there when it comes to making good dietary decisions, particularly with so many conflicting theories, philosophies, and even plans out there,” added Paterrov. “We’ve stripped all of this out and gone back to the basics: what does the human body need for optimal nutrition, and what dietary choices achieve that effectively? This is a complicated question that Min Max Nutrition makes easier than ever to answer.”

The application costs just $20 a year to use and offers some of the most accurate nutrient and bioavailability data in the world today. Min Max Nutrition’s dynamic Power System and proprietary techniques for assessing the bioavailability and nourishment each food provides is currently patent pending.

For more information about Min Max Nutrition’s food planner, food tracker, and innovative philosophy, please visit http://www.minmaxnutrition.com. For media inquiries, please contact Frank Paterrov at +1 702-701-6790 or email at info@minmaxnutrition.com.

About Min Max Nutrition

Min Max Nutrition is an online web application which offers dieters an innovative new method of dieting – one that borrows heavily on theorycrafting in gameplay, where player minimize weaknesses to maximize strengths. The app makes it easy to plan meals while ensuring that the body is still receiving optimal levels of all the essential nutrients for general health. For more information, please visit Min Max Nutrition’s website.

YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqd7DVtgE3A

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