New payment app Tipprs allows instant cashless tips for any services in just one tap

Tipprs is the latest peer to peer payment app that enables one to offer tips to people beyond friends or family instantly and without cash in one single tap.

San Diego, CA; October 30, 2017: Tipping is still good and thoughtful and depended on by many to show appreciation and earn a living.  It’s the daunting ATM trips or lack of cash when needed that spoils the experience for all parties. Not anymore! A new revolutionary peer to peer instant payment app has been launched, which will allow users to tip, pay or donate without cash in just a tap. Duly titled as “Tipprs”, the app enables tippers to send tips/payments to professionals or charities in an easy cashless way. The app is available for download for both Android and iOS devices.

“Tipping is a thoughtful way to appreciate others’ services for us. But all of us have faced situations where we had to struggle to pay for tips. At times, we don’t have enough change while sometimes the ATM is never close by. However, such issues should not be a hindrance to acknowledge a great service from a true dedicated professional.  And Tipprs comes to solve all such woes for you so that you can easily donate your tips, even when you are struggling with change or there is no ATM near you. Just create your profile on the app, choose the desired tippee and then send the tips at lightning speed in just a tap. Tipping has never been this easy”, stated Scott Engle, who co-founded the app with Bobby Shreckengost.

Unlike the other send money to friends and family apps, Tipprs allows users to money to people who are beyond their friends, family, and contact lists. These include performers, service people, artists, valets, clubs, teams, drivers, bands etc.  There are so many potential users of this app.

“Our app is the perfect program when you want to send tips or donations to someone or any organization who you think would benefit. The person or institution receiving the tip does not need to be a prior contact or a friend or family. We care about community, causes and aspire to utilize technology to help professionals and performers to improve their living through generous instant tips from happy customers and audiences”, added Bobby Shreckengost, cofounder of Tippers.

A unique aspect of Tipprs is that it does not require the Tippers or Tippee to share any sort of personal information to send or receive payments. It’s something that’s not viable with other payment apps and renders a higher layer of privacy and security for Tipprs users.  “When we came up with the idea of Tipprs, we wanted it to be as easy as cash and as anonymous.  We didn’t want Tipprs to be used for anything other than sending and receiving payments”, said Bobby.

How to use Tipprs?

First, download the app from the app store of your choice.  The app works on Android and Apple.  Quickly create a simple profile on the app. It takes 20 seconds.  The profile would host your unique Tipprs Tag and optionally, your location, place of work, name and picture. A Tipper can easily search out a desired Tippee on the app through the unique tag, location, name or user supplied search tags. Once the tipper finds the Tippee, a quick tap will send the tip. Money can be loaded or sent from both credit cards and secure bank account transfers.  There is no need to share your phone number, email address or any other contact details for both to send or receive tips, donations or payments.

To download Tipprs, please visit the app store for Android and iOS.

Media Contact
Company Name: Tipprs Inc
Contact Person: Bobby Shreckengost
Phone: (619) 363-3414
City: San Diego
State: CA
Country: United States